Le­gion look­ing for an­swers


Dear edi­tor,

Where is the leg­is­la­tion? The gov­ern­ment of the day, through the min­is­ter of Vet­er­ans Af­fairs, has made sev­eral an­nounce­ments and prom­ises on Bill C-55 ( New Vet­er­ans Charter), which has re­ceived first read­ing in the House of Com­mons but has not pro­gressed to the com­mit­tee level.

Sim­i­lar an­nounce­ments and prom­ises have been made on Bill480 by the min­is­ter of Fi­nance ( Re­moval of GST from pop­pies and wreath pur­chases) for which no leg­is­la­tion has yet been tabled.

As your read­ers know, the tabling and pas­sage of these bills with Royal Assent will not be pos­si­ble should the gov­ern­ment de­cide to call an elec­tion. The Royal Cana­dian Le­gion has writ­ten to both min­is­ters on the mat­ters of leg­isla­tive pro­ce­dure and has re­ceived as­sur­ances that these mat­ters are be­ing looked into.

These bills, how­ever, may die on the or­der pa­per if an elec­tion is called and leave Canada’s dis­abled vet­er­ans, their fam­i­lies and The Royal Cana­dian Le­gion with­out the leg­is­la­tion they all need. The Royal Cana­dian Le­gion writes this letter be­cause we care.

Pa­tri­cia Varga Do­min­ion Pres­i­dent The Royal Cana­dian Le­gion

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