Let’s get tidy in Har­bour Grace


Dear edi­tor,

As Snook might say, “Ah, right on!” to the editorial by Andrew Robin­son in the March 15 edi­tion of The Com­pass, head­lined “ Time to tidy.”

Don’t wait. Clean up now. If ev­ery­one could be re­spon­si­ble for the ar­eas around their own homes and busi­nesses, this would help tremen­dously. I’ve been pick­ing up trash on my walks now for many years. It’s un­be­liev­able at times the amount that gets dropped and then blown around.

Most of it con­sists of pa­per cups, ciga- rette pack­ages, candy and gum wrap­per, and some­times whole bags of used take­out con­tain­ers are just dis­carded on the streets.

Come on folks? Let’s make our town a worth­while com­peti­tor for the Tidy Town awards for 2011. You know what they say: clean­li­ness is next to God­li­ness; along with our com­mu­nity pride. Joy French-Cole­man

Har­bour Grace

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