‘Sea­sonal tourist’ slammed for letter about Ri­d­ley Hall


Dear edi­tor,

I would like to com­ment on a letter to the edi­tor pub­lished in the March 29 edi­tion of The Com­pass head­lined “Har­bour Grace be­com­ing a sub­urb of Car­bon­ear?

In it, Rhonda Parsons asked, “ Would you take a rot­ten piece of meat and sand­wich it be­tween two pieces of bread?”

What is it about part-time CFA’s think­ing they have the right to in­ter­fere or even com­ment about our lo­cal sit­u­a­tions? How dare this part-time, sea­sonal visi­tor to our beau­ti­ful town make such a nasty com­ment. What busi­ness is it of this sea­sonal tourist if those elected by us make de­ci­sions con­cern­ing our build­ings?

Yes, Ms. Parsons may spend a lot of time here, but it is sea­sonal, and I’m guess­ing in the sum­mer. And be­fore she starts mak­ing in­sult­ing

com­ments about our town or any pri­vate dwellings, I sug­gest she live here for at least six months; then and maybe then she’d have the right to flap her gums. A lot has been said and printed about Ri­d­ley Hall. Most of us know the his­tory and don’t need the les­son. It’s a pri­vately owned build­ing and right now it’s not only an eye­sore but a dan­ger­ous one. Maybe if Ms. Parsons is will­ing to cough up her sea­sonal va­ca­tion money the own­ers of this prop­erty might do some restora­tion. In the mean­time, please stay out of our af­fairs.

We have a good mayor and town Coun­cil, voted in to make de­ci­sions on our be­half and they are do­ing a good job. I you wish to visit our town and prov­ince sea­son­ally, please do; it’s a won­der­ful place. But kindly keep your in­sults to your­self. If it’s that rot­ten here in the mid­dle maybe you should make your sea­sonal vis­its on one of the other slices.

It’s great to want to pre­serve the past, but be re­al­is­tic. It costs money and per­son­ally I’d rather see a build­ing de­mol­ished than see a small child or adult crushed by a fall­ing wall, or fall­ing into a hole be­cause of rot­ted boards, es­pe­cially when the prop­erty is pri­vately owned and over which the town has no con­trol. What would you pre­fer?

Ken Haire Har­bour Grace

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