Why should all snow­mo­bil­ers suf­fer?

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Dear edi­tor,

I am an avid snow­mo­biler in my com­mu­nity of Vic­to­ria. I re­spect the laws of snow­mo­bil­ing and do not use my snow­mo­bile on pub­lic roads. Lately, though, it seems that snow­mo­bil­ers who are re­spect­ing the law, in­clud­ing my­self, are get­ting pe­nal­ized be­cause other peo­ple are dis­re­spect­ing the law.

We are all be­ing stereo­typed and suf­fer be­cause of a few peo­ple’s stupid ac­tions.

As you drive through the com­mu­ni­ties of Con­cep­tion Bay North, you see many peo­ple us­ing snow­mo­biles. You see them on trails and some try­ing to cross roads to en­ter onto trails, acting re­spon­si­bly. But then you see some peo­ple whizzing around roads amongst cars and ru­in­ing the fun for ev­ery­body who en­joys the sport of snow­mo­bil­ing.

The po­lice re­ally have no choice but to stop all snow­mo­bil­ers to see if they are the peo­ple who are break­ing the law. But re­ally, that just is not fair. Peo­ple that obey the law should not be pe­nal­ized for things they do not do. That’s just like ac­cus­ing all car driv­ers of driv­ing reck­lessly.

A so­lu­tion to this would be if all snow­mo­bil­ers would use com­mon sense and stay off the roads. Sure, cross the road safely to en­ter an­other trail, but DO NOT en­dan­ger the lives of your­self and ev­ery­one around you by driv­ing up and down pub­lic roads like com­plete ma­ni­acs.

These peo­ple think they won’t get hurt. But, in fact, each year snow­mo­bile ac­ci­dents pro­duce ap­prox­i­mately 200 deaths and 14,000 in­juries. Most of these come from road-re­lated ac­ci­dents.

I live in hope that by pub­licly ex­press­ing my con­cerns, it helps stop these ma­ni­acs that drive their snow­mo­biles on our pub­lic roads, and thereby help­ing the com­mu­nity of snow­mo­bil­ers in our area and the whole prov­ince in gen­eral. Peter Green


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