Help pre­vent a Harper ma­jor­ity


Dear edi­tor,

I have deep con­cerns about what will hap­pen if Con­ser­va­tive Leader Stephen Harper gets a ma­jor­ity.

We can’t al­low our gov­ern­ment to do the things that Harper is do­ing. Con­ser­va­tive sup­port­ers are al­low­ing our prime min­is­ter to drag our coun­try down a road that is very un-Cana­dian. That’s prob­a­bly why he wants it called the Harper gov­ern­ment, and not the Gov­ern­ment of Canada.

By back­ing Harper, you are turn­ing your eyes away and pre­tend­ing it’s al­right to lie to Par­lia­ment, keep se­crets from the Cana­dian peo­ple, ex­ag­ger­ate about job cre­ation, have only party faith­ful at­tend pub­lic ral­lies and speeches, and lie and say that the other party’s will de­stroy Canada.

I ask all Con­ser­va­tive sup­port­ers, as a sign of friend­ship and peace: will you stand up for Canada and change your vote on May 2, just this one time, to tell our leader that you do not ap­prove of his con­tempt, corruption, and de­ceit­ful ways?

Thank you and God bless a demo­cratic and free Canada. Robin Brent­nall


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