Eleven town coun­cils have served Vic­to­ria in 40 years

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Vic­to­ria vot­ers went to the polls to elect their first town

coun­cil on Sept. 18, 1971. In those days it was the cus­tom in all towns that the can­di­date polling the high­est num­ber of votes would sub­se­quently be elected mayor by his or her fel­low coun­cil­lors.

Lloyd Clarke topped the poll and had the hon­our of be­com­ing the town’s first mayor.

Frank E. Clarke polled the sec­ond high­est vote, and, again fol­low­ing cus­tom, be­came deputy mayor.

Gor­don Clarke, Harold Prid­dle, Lud­wig Bald­win, Hunter Deer­ing and James Ma­haney rounded out the first coun­cil.

Frank E. Clarke as­sumed the mayor’s chair on May 31, 1972 and fin­ished out the first term af­ter Lloyd Clarke re­signed on May 17 of that year.

Lud­wig Bald­win and Hunter Deer­ing served two years on coun­cil, un­til Nov. 7, 1973.

James Ma­haney served less than a year, un­til June 7, 1972. Sec­ond coun­cil elected

Nov. 21, 1973 In the town’s sec­ond mu­nic­i­pal gen­eral elec­tion, Frank E. Clarke topped the poll and con­tin­ued as mayor with Gor­don Clarke as deputy mayor and coun­cil­lors Wal­ter J. Clarke, Ge­orge E. Clarke, Al­bert Pow­ell, Harold Prid­dle, Ge­orge Snook and Ernest Clarke.

Frank E. Clarke re­signed from coun­cil Dec. 17, 1974.

Gor­don Clarke served on coun­cil from Sept. 18, 1971 to Nov. 9, 1977. He served as deputy mayor from Nov. 21, 1973 to Dec. 17, 1974 and mayor from Dec. 30, 1974 to Novem­ber, 1977, a to­tal of six years.

Wal­ter J. Clarke served as deputy mayor from Dec. 30, 1974 to Nov., 1977.

Ernest Clarke served on coun­cil from May 17, 1975 to Feb. 8, 1977. Third coun­cil - Nov. 9, 1977 Mayor Ed­win Clarke; Dep. Mayor Frank E. Clarke; Coun­cil­lors: Ge­orge Snook, Harold Prid­dle, Glenn Clarke, Roscoe Cole, Elihu An­tle, Robert Clarke and David White.

Frank E. Clarke served as deputy mayor un­til March 13, 1978 when he be­came mayor, a post he held un­til Nov. 20, 1989. He was re-elected to coun­cil in that mu­nic­i­pal gen­eral elec­tion, serv­ing a to­tal of 17 years on coun­cil.

Ed­win Clarke re­signed on March 13, 1978 af­ter serv­ing only four months in the mayor’s chair

Robert Clarke served on coun­cil from April 24, 1978 to Nov. 10, 1981, and from Nov. 12, 1985 to ‘89.

David White served on coun­cil from April 24, 1978 to Nov. 10, 1981 (three years). Fourth coun­cil - Nov. 10, 1981 Mayor Frank E. Clarke; Dep. Mayor Fred Bald­win; Coun­cil­lors, Elihu An­tle, He­len Hig­don, Harold Prid­dle, Shirley His­cock and Roscoe Cole.

Elihu An­tle and Rosco Cole both served on coun­cil un­til Nov. 12, 1985 (eight years). Fifth coun­cil - Nov. 12, 1985 Mayor Frank E. Clarke; Dep. Mayor Glenn Clarke; coun­cil­lors: He­len Hig­don, Fred Bald­win, Clarence Bald­win, Robert Clarke and Ge­orge Pryor.

Fred Bald­win served as deputy mayor from Nov. 23,, 1981 to Nov. 27, 1985, and as a coun­cil­lor un­til Nov. 1989 (eight years). Sixth coun­cil - Nov. 20, 1989 Mayor Glenn Clarke; Dep. Mayor He­len Hig­don; coun­cil­lors: Wil­liam His­cock, Frank E. Clarke, Robert Clarke, Lil­lian Parsons and Clif­ford Har­ris.

Wil­liam His­cock, Clif­ford Har­ris and Lil­lian Parsons all served two years (1989-’91). Sev­enth coun­cil - Fall, 1993 Mayor He­len Hig­don; Dep. Mayor Glenn Clarke; coun­cil­lors: Robert Clarke, Clif­ford Har­ris Al­bert King, Frank E. Clarke and Arthur Burke.

He­len Hig­don served on coun­cil from Nov. 23, 1981 to Novem­ber 1989. She was elected deputy mayor on Nov. 20, 1989. Eighth coun­cil - Fall, 1998 Mayor Glenn Clarke; Dep. Mayor Arthur Burke; coun­cil­lors: Nor­man Pen­ney, Sid­ney An­tle, Fred Bald­win, Clif­ford Har­ris and Frank E. Clarke.

Glenn Clarke va­cated the mayor’s chair in 1999, when work com­mit­ments saw him trans­ferred out of town.

Dep. Mayor Arthur Burke took over as mayor and com­pleted the man­date along with Dep. Mayor Frank E. Clarke; coun­cil­lors Sid­ney An­tle, Nor­man Pen­ney, Aubrey Rose, Fred Bald­win and Vi­vian His­cock. Ninth coun­cil - Septem­ber, 2001

Arthur Burke be­came the town’s first mayor to be elected on a sep­a­rate bal­lot in 2001. Dep. Mayor Barry Doo­ley and coun­cil­lors Inge­mar Dean, Robert Clarke, Frank E. Clarke, Vi­vian His­cock and Lynn Burke-Evely were also elected to com­plete Vic­to­ria’s ninth coun­cil. Tenth coun­cil - Septem­ber, 2005

Mayor Arthur Burke; Dep Mayor Barry Doo­ley; coun­cil­lors: Inge­mar Dean, David Bourne, Aubrey Rose, Robert Clarke and Vi­vian His­cock. Eleventh and cur­rent coun­cil -

Septem­ber, 2009 Mayor Arthur Burke; Dep. Mayor Jeanette Burke-Pen­ney; coun­cil­lors Jen­nifer Baker, Stephen King, Aubrey Rose, Robert Clarke and Vi­vian His­cock.

CUR­RENT COUN­CIL - The cur­rent Vic­to­ria Coun­cil elected in Septem­ber, 2009 are seated from left: Town Clerk Sharon Snooks; Mayor Arthur Burke; Deputy Mayor Jeanette Burke-Pen­ney. Back row, from left: Coun­cil­lors, Jen­nifer Baker, Stephen King, Aubrey Rose, Robert Clarke and Wal­ter ( Vi­vian) His­cock. FIRST COUN­CIL - Vic­to­ria’s first coun­cil was elected in Septem­ber, 1971. Stand­ing from left: Lloyd Clarke, the town’s first mayor; Coun­cil­lors Gor­don Clarke and Hunter Deer­ing. Seated: Coun­cil­lor Lud­wig Bald­win, Deputy Mayor Frank E. Clarke and Coun­cil­lor Harold Prid­dle. Miss­ing from photo coun­cil­lor James Ma­haney.

MU­NIC­I­PAL CEN­TRE - Built in 1974, the Vic­to­ria Mu­nic­i­pal Cen­tre has un­der­gone a con­sid­er­able facelift in re­cent years. Be­sides the coun­cil cham­bers, the build­ing houses the ad­min­is­tra­tive of­fices and a large meet­ing room on the ground floor. A li­brary, town ar­chives and sup­ply room and of­fice for the Vic­to­ria Army Cadets can be found on the sec­ond floor. A new War Me­mo­rial has been erected near the build­ing.

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