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I went west last week­end. In Cor­ner Brook, I spent a cou­ple of pleas­ant hours brows­ing in an em­po­rium which stocks New­found­lan­dia. Much of it was priced out of my per­sonal range. How­ever, I was pleased with one ac­qui­si­tion I made, the May 1945 edi­tion of the­Courier, which is self-de­scribed as the “mag­a­zine for New­found­lan­ders.”

The cover de­picts both King Ge­orge VI and a New­found­land dog. Philip G. But­ler, mem­ber of the Fed­eral Union, wrote “Reveille to Peace.” Cyril D. B. Knight, wire­less op­er­a­tor at Cabot Tower, wrote “ Be­hind the Ra­dio Dial.” Howard Frost took the reader on a tour of Bowring Park in St. John’s. Car­rie R. Cross wrote about “ Street Noises.”

How­ever, the item that cap­tured my un­di­vided at­ten­tion was a New­found­land quiz. I taxed my brain try­ing to cor­rectly an­swer the ques­tions. Per­haps it would be in­struc­tive for read­ers to take a stab at the ques­tions, as fol­lows:

1. Is the word “sculling” used in bak­ing, bowl­ing, row­ing or ski­ing?

2. In which of our two daily news­pa­pers ap­pear the col­umn, “On Think­ing It Over?” 3. Of what is­land is Tilt­ing a part? 4. What Beothuk woman was named af­ter the month in which she was cap­tured?

5. Who was gov­er­nor of New­found­land at the out­break of the First World War?

6. Is a “ bo­gie” a marsh­land, worth­less coin, small stove or car­riage?

7. What fa­mous names of New­found­land are usu­ally associated with the fol­low­ing places: Bon­av­ista, Bri­gus, Trin­ity and St. An­thony?

8. With what prod­uct is Cor­ner Brook associated?

9. Fer­ry­land was suc­cess­fully de­fended against the French by John Down­ing, Robert Carter or Michael Gill.

10. What firms use the slo­gans: The House of Value, In­vest in Rest, The Home of Good Ap­ples, and In­sure in Sure In­surance?

11. Who wroteThe Ryans and Pittmans? 12. What was the real name of Fanny Goff? 13. Give the sur­name to each of the fol­low-

the ing: Wil­liam Epps, Wil­liam Gil­bert and Daniel Wood­ley.

14. Ac­cord­ing to nautical dis­tances, is it far­ther di­rect from St. John’s to Har­bour Grace or Bay Roberts?

15. Dur­ing what Premier’s ad­min­is­tra­tion in New­found­land did pro­hi­bi­tion come into force?

16. Glover Is­land is sit­u­ated on which of the fol­low­ing: Red In­dian Lake, Gan­der Lake or Deer Lake?

17. To whom was the Third Charter granted?

18. Is theHum­ber Fly­era steamship, fa­mous na­tive run­ner, train or an air­plane? 19. Which of the fol­low­ing bays have capes ac­cord­ing to their names: Bon­av­ista, St. Mary’s, For­tune or Hare?

20. What are the kilo­cy­cles of the fol­low­ing ra­dio sta­tions: VONF, VOCM, VOWR and VOAR?

21. What were the fol­low­ing for­merly called: Avon­dale, Port Nel­son, Hum­ber­mouth and Tors Cove?

22. For what are the fol­low­ing New­found­lan­ders fa­mous: F. Fraser Bond, Johnny Dwyer and Mme. Marie Toulinguet?

23. Which King Ge­orges were ruler of Eng­land dur­ing the ap­point­ment of the first Naval Gov­er­nor to New­found­land, and ruler of Eng­land dur­ing in­au­gu­ra­tion of Com­mis­sion of Gov­ern­ment in New­found­land?

24. What have the fol­low­ing in com­mon: Amadeus Anspach, Richard Whit­bourne and Daniel Prowse?

25. What four coves may be iden­ti­fied by food and an­i­mals?

26. What same as­tro­nom­i­cal odd­ity was ob­served at St. John’s in 1840 and then in 1904?

27. From where was the first tele­graph mes­sage to New­found­land re­ceived?

28. How long has the tele­phone sys­tem been in op­er­a­tion in St. John’s?

The an­swers will be given in my col­umn next week.

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