Rock Hard up­ends Butt’s


On the strength of two hits each from Bradley Har­ris, Stephen King and Keith Ped­dle, Rock Hard Con­struc­tion up­ended Butt’s Esso in Car­bon­ear mens’ slo-pitch ac­tion on July 18.

Ryan Dean and Randy Moores helped with the win with one hit each.

Stephen King tossed the win on the pitch­ing mound, while Ger­ard Grif­fin was tagged with the loss.

The top bat­ter for the los­ing side was Cory Clarke, who nailed two round-trip­pers. Jamie Pike had two hits, one of which was a home run. Blair Parsons, Andrew Butt, Shane Lambert and Den­nis King had two hits each.

Butt’s downs West Side

In Game 2, Butt’s Esso went down to its sec­ond de­feat of the night, los­ing 14-13 to West Side Char­lies.

Top bat­ters for the win­ner were Paul O’Leary, Grant Tobin and Tim Brake with four hits each . Roy Fl ight and Paul Mc­Carthy had three hits each, while Mike Squires had two.

Sam White tossed the win, while Den­nis King was tagged with the loss.

Top bat­ters for the losers was Charl Clarke with four hits, two of which were homers. Cory Clarke had three hits. Jeff Parsons had two hits, in­clud­ing a home run. Den­nis King, Chad Parsons, Shane Lambert and Andrew Butt had two hits each.

Rock Hard 14, West Side 13

In the first game played July 21, Rock Hard edged West S ide 14-13, on the strength of four hits from Den­nis King, two of which were home runs, and three hits from Bren­don Mc­Carthy.

Jeff Parsons chipped in with three hits, while Ryan Dean, Gord King, Andrew Butt and Charl Clarke had two hits apiece.

Den­nis King pitched for the win­ners, while Sam White suf­fered the loss.

Top bat­ters for the losers were Bren­don Oliver with three hits, and Grant Tobin had two hits, one of which was a home run. Tim Brake and­Mike White­way­also smacked home runs.

Rock Hard losses to Butt’s

In the fi­nal game of the week, Butt’s Esso de­feated Rock Hard Con­struc­tion 12-9.

Andrew Butt and Jeff Parsons had four hits apiece for the win­ners, with each player hit­ting a home run. Charl Clarke had three hits, in­clud­ing a homer. Ryan Parsons, Bren­don Mc­Carthy, Cory Clarke, Luke Ho­gan and Chris Parsons had two hits each.

Jeff Parsons was cred­ited with the win, while Sam White suf­fered the loss.

The top bat­ters for the los­ing side was Blair Parsons, who had four hits. Jody Doyle had three hits, one of which was a home run. Paul O’Leary and Mike Squires had two hits each.

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