Bat­tling the mon­ster

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One night a mon­ster came when I was fast asleep He crept qui­etly into my house, he didn’t make a peep He slipped down the hall­way and softly climbed the stairs Where you were wait­ing for him, to­tally un­aware. He crawled in­side your heart and mind He crawled in­side your soul The mon­ster crawled all over you un­til He had con­trol. I lost my child; I lost my son, the one I loved so much For he had not cho­sen me, he chose the mon­ster’s touch The mon­ster made him feel so good, took away life’s stress But the mon­ster made him do things that weren’t re­ally the best. The mon­ster made him lie and steal, the mon­ster made him weak The mon­ster took his morals, my son he couldn’t speak For lies spewed from his mouth, when the mon­ster needed to be fed He would steal from his own fam­ily and friends, he did what the mon­ster said. Then one day the mon­ster called my name and said your child is mine My name is Oxy­con­tin, and you didn’t even see the signs I fought the mon­ster head on, for the mon­ster he can’t win I drove the mon­ster from my child’s body, the battle will be­gin. The mon­ster is so very strong, the mon­ster he has friends The mon­ster doesn’t like to lose, so he creeps back again But he just can’t make it, the medicine is too strong So the mon­ster calls a friend of his, so you won’t feel all alone. The friend’s name is gam­bling, and he will take the mon­sters place He will crawl into your mind and fill the empty place. He will take all you have, your pride, your dig­nity These mon­sters will al­ways be there, not want­ing you to be free. The mon­sters they have worn me down, I fight the battle ev­ery­day They rob my sleep, I can­not eat when you are gone away I shout and cry ‘give me back my son, the child I love so dear’ I want him back the way he was, be­fore you took con­trol I want his mind, his heart and I want his very soul. The mon­sters are not in the closet, they don’t hide un­der the bed The mon­sters come in the forms of pills, and take over your child’s head There’s Oxy­Con­tin, Per­co­cet, Ri­talin and Spe­cial K That’s only a few of the mon­sters friends that are on the streets to­day. I wish I had seen the mon­ster, be­fore he took con­trol I might have been able to fight him, be­fore he de­stroyed your soul.

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