A dis­grun­tled view­point from Spa­niard’s Bay


Dear edi­tor,

What­ever hap­pened to our way of se­lect­ing the mem­bers for the pro­vin­cial par­ties? Years ago, if more than one per­son were in the run­ning to rep­re­sent a district, a meet­ing would be held. We would hear each per­son who was in the run­ning speak. Then, we would vote for our choice.

Now, we don’t get a chance to hear the peo­ple who are in the run­ning speak. Nom­i­na­tion day is se­lected and a vote takes place and 90 per cent of the peo­ple vot­ing don’t know the peo­ple in the run­ning. They weren’t given the chance to hear the peo­ple who are in the run­ning speak. All that’s seen is a name on the bal­lot pa­per. There might be some ed­u­cated peo­ple in these as­so­ci­a­tions, but some­times they make me won­der.

The new for­mat for elect­ing a can­di­date at nom­i­na­tions also leaves a lot to be de­sired, since one only has to have iden­ti­fi­ca­tion show­ing they are a mem­ber of the district. If a per­son is so in­ter­ested they can vote in each of the four or five towns with bal­lot boxes for nom­i­na­tion. I won­der if this was done.

While lis­ten­ing to the ra­dio on July 12, I heard a gen­tle­man telling about how many mil­lion dol­lars came into dif­fer­ent com­mu­ni­ties in the district. He named the com­mu­ni­ties re­ceiv­ing the money, but I didn’t hear the Town of Spa­niards Bay men­tioned.

But is this some­thing new? We are a com­mu­nity with no lead­er­ship. It’s ev­ery­one for them­selves, and for­get about your com­mu­nity.

Over the last few years we lost our post of fice, a stab was made to close Holy Redeemer; our town has been split in two, with half in the district of Car­bon­ear-Har­bour Grace, and the other half in Port de Grave.

I didn’t hear a word from the peo­ple of Spa­niard’s Bay re­gard­ing any of the above. They are sat­is­fied with the crumbs, but don’t say any­thing, afraid of hurt­ing some­one’s feel­ings.

The next thing we’ll be los­ing is our iden­tity. What Spa­niard’s Bay gets they cer­tainly de­serve. Have you ever heard of a Spa­niard’s Bay per­son protest­ing any­thing?

Dur­ing the elec­tion on Oct. 9, I will be protest­ing in the best way I know how — against the Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive and the Lib­eral par­ties. I will vote New Demo­crat. And if there is no NDP can­di­date in the district, I will spoil a bal­lot. I will go to the polling sta­tion and I will vote. It is up to you to make the change; for once, stand up and be counted.

I know the typ­i­cal Spa­niard’s Bay per­son doesn’t en­joy what I write, and af­ter they read it, say “that wasn’t writ­ten by a Spa­niards Bay man. That was writ­ten by an im­mi­grant.”

I must ex­plain. I made Spa­niard’s Bay my home 48 years ago, but I am still called an im­mi­grant. One thing about Spa­niard’s Bay; you will never be­long.

I don’t apol­o­gize for any­thing I have writ­ten and if I open one set of eyes, it was worth writ­ing.

I hope that the young peo­ple would get to­gether and take over lead­er­ship. Don’t go wait­ing for the next per­son to do it. Moses Barrett Spa­niard’s Bay

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