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With­out writ­ing, I have to say that I would not be happy do­ing any­thing else other then liv­ing the dream of dreams. My thoughts be­come real when I write. It’s like my mind has its own world that I can ex­plore at any time.

They say life is like an open book with many pages that we must fill out on the many roads of life. We travel the world to fill out the pages that are left blank, for our life sto­ries can be full of won­der for the peo­ple next in line to read them.

When you think about it, we are each liv­ing a dream that we wrote so very long ago. I re­mem­ber be­ing a lit­tle boy dream­ing of that fast car that I’d have when I got older. I may not be at that point yet, but it’s that dream, that glim­mer of hope that makes our dreams come true for us.

Writ­ing is not just a job I wish I could do for the rest of my life. It’s also where my heart is laid to rest. It is where my train of thought runs wild and free.

Through the eyes of a strug­gling writer

I have been writ­ing since I was very young, any­thing from a story right to a lov­ing and heart-filled poem.

What­eve r is on my mind can be­come some­thing great if I put my mind to it.

When I start writ­ing a story it’s like my train of thought can be end­less.

I hap­pen to love writ­ing a good fan­tasy story in­volv­ing knights go­ing on a quest to save his king­dom, or even a story about the fu­ture and high tech weaponry.

I have so many thoughts that I try my best to work with when it comes to the story that I’m in­volved with at that very mo­ment in time.

If I’m writ­ing a story based on a king­dom, I try to write all the bass lines first. Mean­ing I’ll say where the king­dom is, what the land is like, is it run by a no­ble leader or is it all based on how democrats have taken over the king­doms wealth and ways-of-life.

Most ideas don’t seem to al­ways work out right away, but it does take time for each of my ideas for a story to work its way onto the page.

It all takes time, even though it’s time you wish would hurry and end. But all in good time, things will be fine.

You may be won­der­ing why I wish to take the ca­reer path of be­ing a writer; well it’s sim­ple. I wish to do some­thing I hap­pen to al­ready en­joy very much.

It takes time to truly know what you want to do for the rest of your life; you may find your­self walk­ing down many roads un­til you find that one thing you en­joy.

Will there be some sort of pres­sure in try­ing to be­come a writer? Sure there will be, but what ca­reer choice doesn’t have a strug­gle you must face.

Com­ing up with new ideas can be the worst strug­gle of all. You find your­self at the end of your chair, bit­ing your nails and think­ing to your­self, why can’t I think of any­thing?

It all takes time for a new idea to jump from your head to the pa­per, with new ideas you can im­prove some­thing al­ready writ­ten, or even add some­thing new to the plot of the story that you find your­self writ­ing.

A great man once said: “ Hide not your tal­ents. They for use were made. What’s a sun­dial in the shade?” That man was Ben­jamin Franklin. Ben­jamin Franklin made a good point when he said this; it goes to show that even one idea can be­come some­thing great.

Our tal­ents re­ally show who we are. Strug­gles are just ar­eas where we each can im­prove some­thing about us and some­thing we may or may not be good at.

Keep in mind the words Ben­jamin Franklin said, keep them close to heart, be­cause you can do any­thing.

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