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n adult’s flash of im­pa­tience be­hind the wheel or a child’s pan­icked sprint to catch up with a de­part­ing school bus can turn a sin­gle mo­ment into a ter­ri­ble night­mare. This fall, as the chil­dren get back to school it’s important that driv­ers and chil­dren re­mem­ber that get­ting to school and home safely is ev­ery­body’s busi­ness.

If your chil­dren take the bus, make sure they know these five sim­ple rules: ar­rive at your school bus stop five min­utes be­fore its sched­uled stop; wait for the bus a safe dis­tance away from the side of the street; stay back from the bus un­til it comes to a com­plete stop; if it’s dark, wear retro-re­flec­tive ma­te­rial and stay vis­i­ble to driv­ers; and if you miss your bus or if it never ar­rives, go straight back home.

For those who walk or ride a bi­cy­cle to school, help them choose the safest and most di­rect route. If there are no side­walks, make sure they know to walk fac­ing traf­fic or ride their bi­cy­cle with the traf­fic. Teach them to cross streets only at cross­walks and to al­ways check for cars to the left first, then right, then left again.

In the car, re­spect school bus traf­fic laws, which means coming to a full stop, from both di­rec­tions, un­til the bus’s red lights stop flash­ing. If you’re

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