Who needs ed­i­tors?


Dear editor,

I feel com­pelled to re­spond to Mr. Bur­ton Janes’ re­view of Mr. Eric Payne’s re­cent book, “ The Cor­ner Boys of Bri­gus,” which ap­peared inthe Aug. 16 edi­tion ofThe Com­pass. In no way are my com­ments to be con­sid­ered as crit­i­cism of Mr. Janes’ re­view. How­ever, hope­fully your read­ers will ap­pre­ci­ate an­other opinion.

I con­sider my­self to be an ab­so­lute lover of po­etry. I’ve had only one poem pub­lished in a world­wide mag­a­zine, and re­cently I fin­ished a sec­ond poem, which took me four years to dream, imag­ine and com­plete with com­pas­sion and love.

I’ve trav­elled ex­ten­sively through­out the world. What love I have for beau­ti­ful New­found­land and peace­ful, his­toric Bri­gus! I read Mr. Janes’ re­view closely, and may I com­pli­ment him for his ex­per­tise in the field of lit­er­a­ture and his over­all com­ments con­cern­ing writ­ing abil­ity, omis­sions and spell­ing mis­takes.

How­ever, my opinion and re­view come from a com­pletely dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion. I find this be­gin­ning, pre­vi­ously un­pub­lished author a breath of fresh air.

Yes, there are mis­spellings and mis­takes. So what? Where would some of the great­est au­thors be if they didn’t write com­pletely ter­ri­ble books early in their hopes and dreams? Every­thing in Mr. Janes’ re­view is prob­a­bly true but, as I stated be­fore, my words shall thrive on the words “gen­tle” and “en­cour­age­ment.”

I con­grat­u­late Mr. Payne on his ef­forts, hopes and dreams. I rec­om­mend that he never en­list an editor to change, erase or im­prove his writ­ings. Per­haps his some­what poor writ­ings could re­late to an old, an­tique desk or ta­ble that is found. The ex­perts say, “don’t re­move the scratches and marks. Age, mis­takes and wear re­ally make it real!”

Congratulations to Mr. Janes for his in­ter­est and re­view. Per­haps, though, there could be an­other side of the coin … writ­ten by that guy Cooper. One of my favourite books is “The Last of the Mo­hi­cans.” Maybe Mr. Payne’s “Cor­ner Boys of Bri­gus” won’t be his last book. Try again!

John S. Ide, Bri­gus

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