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Dear editor,

I am writ­ing in re­la­tion to the sto­ries that have ap­peared on be­half of the res­i­dents of Park Av­enue in Clarke’s Beach. I sit back each time and read the ar­ti­cles and com­ments and each time it makes me more frus­trated. I am one of the park res­i­dents and my RV is lo­cated near the chain link gate (not the new ex­pan­sion area) but the first en­trance which is lo­cated right as you take the sharp turn on Park Av­enue.

My RV has been in the same spot for nine years. In 2002, four new sites were made and the only en­trance/exit we had was the chain link gate. We have been us­ing that gate since that time and now all of a sud­den we are not al­lowed to use the gate any­more; it is an emer­gency exit only, which un­til this year we had no idea — and no one had an is­sue with it.

This year, park owner Ernie Mug­ford ap­plied for an ex­pan­sion and got the goa­head and for some rea­son the res­i­dents on Park Av­enue were fine with it un­til May when we started our sea­son of camp­ing. Since that time we have come un­der fire from three or four of the res­i­dents on Park Av­enue. And I read what they are say­ing from week-to-week.

Well, I now have to let you know what we, as park res­i­dents, have to lis­ten to each week from the peo­ple that you in­clude in your sto­ries.

Un­til re­cently, we had no choice but to use the gate to get to our RVs (only the six sites that are lo­cated be­hind that gate, it isn’t a thor­ough­fare through the park). Af­ter a week of work­ing we have gone out to find the en­trance blocked by res­i­dents of Park Av­enue and name-call­ing from them as well.

I, my­self, when go­ing through the gate and clos­ing it be­hind me, was called a “ f*#$ing nui­sance” by one res­i­dent. I guess be­cause I ig­nored shout­ing out from his house. My par­ents, who also have an RV next to mine, were called names as they en­tered the park one week­end. At that time I ap­proached Ernie and said that we need a new way to get to our trail­ers. He cut down a tree to give us ac­cess to our sites. Only a small ve­hi­cle can go through there.

So, since then we have not been us­ing the gate. The gate was locked and the six RVs who used that gate had keys for emer­gen­cies. The coun­cil told Ernie the gate wasn’t to be locked, so we took the lock off. Now peo­ple use the gate to walk through, some not even from the park.

It seems the Park Av­enue res­i­dents don’t want us even walk­ing on Park Av­enue, a pub­lic road and at the end of that pub­lic road is a pub­lic park. This Labour day week­end, a Park Av­enue res­i­dent came through the gate, seem­ingly in­tox­i­cated. He swung the gate open so hard that it dam­aged one of the campers’ car, and there was ap­prox­i­mately $600 in dam­ages to his ve­hi­cle. The Park Av­enue res­i­dent has agreed to pay the dam­ages, but only af­ter he was told there were wit­nesses.

This res­i­dent came in shout­ing for Ernie and said that Ernie had been seen throw­ing beer bot­tles at his house. Mr. Mug­ford was home in bed that same night with gout in his foot and could hardly walk. Also, this past week four other park res­i­dents were walk­ing up Park Av­enue only to be told by an­other res­i­dent to “go home you bunch of low-lives.”

Also, an­other wo­man in our park was walk­ing up Park Av­enue with her six-mon­thold baby in a stroller. A truck with the muf­fler very loud pulled up next to her and revved the en­gine so loud that it fright­ened the baby. We also had nails placed across the en­trance way for the gate, and a flat tire was caused to an­other one of the camper’s ve­hi­cle.

The same is­sue of The Com­pass last week had a pos­i­tive story about RV parks in the Trinity South area. It should have the same im­pact in Clarke’s Beach, and I am sure it does, ex­cept for a hand­ful of peo­ple who have is­sues that re­ally shouldn’t be taken out on the campers.

From what I know and have read, Park Av­enue res­i­dent Mil­dred Snow and Ernie Mug­ford have some is­sues from years ago. Dan Mor­ris­sey and Max Oller­head have only re­cently moved to their houses, one this past spring or so and the other within the last cou­ple of years. But that doesn’t give them the right to be ini­ti­at­ing con­fronta­tions be­tween the campers in the park. In the area that I am in, ex­cept for my­self and my spouse, the peo­ple are in their 60s and 70s. We are not a bunch of teenagers caus­ing dis­tur­bances.

Last week, there were 31 airstream RVs/motorhomes from all over the United States. You were in­vited to come down and do a story or talk to the peo­ple from United States, es­pe­cially since this year was the 10th an­niver­sary of 9-11, and be­cause of all of the neg­a­tiv­ity that has been given to the park. You didn’t show up.

On Aug. 29, three of the motorhomes had to exit the park onto Park Av­enue be­cause they couldn’t make the turn to get out of the park the other way. You were there in no time. Park Av­enue was blocked so that they couldn’t leave. Well, I guess their re­spect for some

New­found­lan­ders must have changed that day. But then again, they didn’t have any trou­ble any­where else in New­found­land this sum­mer. I spoke to some of them my­self while they were in the park and they had noth­ing but good things to say about our hos­pi­tal­ity; not sure what they thought af­ter they tried to leave.

What­ever is be­tween the res­i­dents and Ernie Mug­ford should stay be­tween them and let them fight it out. Don’t take it out on the campers of that park. We just want to spend our week­ends at our RVs peace­fully. Not to men­tion the money we put into the com­mu­nity. I per­son­ally spend be­tween $100 and $150 per week­end. Mul­ti­ply that by about 150 other RVs and it adds up to quite a bit of money be­ing spent in and around that area.

The sea­son is com­ing to a close and we nor­mally leave our RV there year-round. We even pay for a street­light in our area — a lit­tle over $200 per year — for light­ing se­cu­rity. This year I am not so con­fi­dent that dam­age won’t come to our RVs.

Jo Ann Chaulk writes from Por­tu­gal Cove-St. Phillip’s

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