Lit­tle con­fi­dence in Clarke’s Beach coun­cil


What have you got left when you lose the re­spect of your fel­low cit­i­zens? Those who serve on the Clarke’s Beach town coun­cil should be able to look into a per­son’s face and know there is noth­ing they have to hide.

With­out ques­tion, our (trailer park boys) coun­cil has lost what it takes to lead a town.

Buy­ing heavy equip­ment and spend­ing tax­pay­ers’ money with not a cent put into water and sewer for parts of our town that re­ally wants it. Where their pri­or­i­ties are, who knows?

They fail to look af­ter peo­ples’ con­cerns un­less they are one of the clan.

They use spe­cial days and events to pro- mote them­selves and let other peo­ple use a kids’ soft­ball ban­quet to pro­mote their self­in­ter­ests. Shame!

I stay away from me­mo­rial ser­vices in our town be­cause I feel they are used to try and im­press peo­ple and cam­paign their lit­tle form of pol­i­tics. What a farce!

The peo­ple of our town that do not at­tend a coun­cil meet­ing and keep up with is­sues in town would not be­lieve what takes place at some meet­ings. I en­cour­age them to get out and find out for them­selves who runs their town and spends their tax dol­lars. They may be en­light­ened.

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