Tories on power trip, writes former sup­porter


In 2007 we elected a Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive govern­ment in New­found­land and Labrador with a huge ma­jor­ity — 44 of 48 seats. All of a sud­den, power went to their heads. They thought they had the supreme power to do what­ever they wanted to do and do it they did.

• Clos­ing out all the garbage dumps, cre­at­ing two or three on the is­land which will cost us a lot of money and a lot of garbage on the land­scape;

• forc­ing us to pay taxes on our wharves and stages for the first time in our his­tory;

• strict and un­nec­es­sary reg­u­la­tions on all-ter­rain ve­hi­cles;

• oil tank fi­asco where peo­ple have to throw away per­fectly good tanks;

• drove all the trail­ers out of the gravel pits, ex­cept up around Sand Lake, Birchy Lake Nar­rows;

• gave all the cabins up in the woods 60 days to get their land fixed up and pe­nal­ized them $500 and forc­ing them to pay a min­i­mum of $4,600, plus sur­vey, plus sep­tic sys­tems, at a cost of $10,000, just for a piece of land to put a re­mote cabin on, which is out of reach for a lot of peo­ple;

• was go­ing to close the health care fa­cil­i­ties in Flow­ers Cove and Lewis­porte;

• took the air am­bu­lance out of St. An­thony, all be­cause they voted Lib­eral;

• stopped all small busi­nesses from ad­ver­tis­ing on the high­way;

• stopped a com­pany in Bonne Bay from sell­ing seal pelts out of the prov­ince, at a time when the seal in­dus­try is al­most dead;

• re­mem­ber the fam­ily in Port aux Basques, who had their chil­dren taken away for no good rea­son;

• re­mem­ber the Joan Burke fi­asco, where she re­fused Mr. Eddy Camp­bell the right to be pres­i­dent of Me­mo­rial Univer­sity, who later went on to be pres­i­dent of an­other Univer­sity? Good enough for other peo­ple, but not good enough for this govern­ment;

• re­mem­ber Tom Ride­out, a former premier who helped bring this govern­ment to power by win­ning the Lewis­porte district and the last elec­tion de­cided to run in his old district of Baie Verte to try and bring the district up to the stan­dard of other districts and was able to get an ex­tra $1 mil­lion for roads from the min­is­ter of high­ways, the late Dianne Whalen? But when then premier Danny Wil­liams came back from hol­i­days, the money was taken back and Mr. Ride­out was forced to re­sign. The sad part was that the Baie Verte district put back an­other PC can­di­date. Not very smart;

• re­mem­ber the racket when Danny and Car­bon­ear-Har­bour Grace MHA and Health Min­is­ter Jerome Kennedy were sat­is­fied to let some of our top doc­tors leave the prov­ince rather than pay them the same wages they could get else­where;

• and re­mem­ber the on­go­ing dis­pute be­tween the independent phar­ma­cists and this govern­ment.

I be­came in­volved with PC party when they were down to 10 seats. That year they gained an­other four seats for a to­tal of 14. The next elec­tion un­der Danny Wil­liams, the PCs won the govern­ment and the next four years did a lot of good, but af­ter the last elec­tion things changed. Power went to their head and the PC govern­ment turned against us, es­pe­cially in ru­ral ar­eas, and started ram­ming un­wanted things down our throats and for what? What was the pur­pose? Did we do some­thing that we needed to be pun­ished for?

It is for the above rea­sons that I will be sup­port­ing the Lib­eral party this elec­tion. We have to make sure that we have a strong op­po­si­tion be­cause a govern­ment with too much power is very dan­ger­ous for the peo­ple.

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