Writer has no love for Lib­er­als


Elec­tion 2011 is now his­tory and congratulations must go out to Glenn Lit­tle­john for such an over­whelm­ing win. No wait­ing this time for the last bal­lots to come in to see who was go­ing to win.

It goes to show that any­one run­ning for any kind of of­fice must be well- known in their com­mu­nity or district. Did this learn the Lib­er­als and the NDP any­thing?

It just goes to show how pop­u­lar Roland But­ler was when he won the district for the Lib­er­als by roughly 300 votes in the 2007 elec­tion.

This time, Glenn won it for the PCS by roughly 1,600 votes.

It doesn’t say much for the pop­u­lar­ity of the Lib­eral ex­ec­u­tive. Can you imag­ine a change of 1,900 votes? Of course, the Lib­eral ex­ec­u­tive thought they con­trolled the district, but were they ever taught a les­son.

A cou­ple of weeks be­fore the elec­tion, there was a pic­ture in The Com­pass show­ing the Lib­eral team. The ma­jor­ity of the team is long past their 60s and some long past their 70s. Isn’t it time to get young peo­ple in­volved in­stead of the same old 10 or 15 who have been there for the last 20 years?

They are afraid to get any­one else in­volved be­cause one of them might lose a po­si­tion.

Now do you re­al­ize what is hap­pen­ing to the Lib­eral party? You must re­al­ize you had your day. So give it up and get out of there. Yes, the older folk may vote for you, but let young peo­ple run your or­ga­ni­za­tion.

What a job the Lib­eral ex­ec­u­tive did on Leanne Hussey. Yes, they got the per­son whom they wanted elected in the nom­i­na­tion. Then they sent her to the wolves.

Yes, the young lady vis­ited ev­ery home in the district, with her part­ner, but what for? No one knew them. Un­til you were passed the Lib­eral pam­phlet, peo­ple didn’t know who they were talk­ing to.

I don’t known who made the choice of not hav­ing a per­son from each com­mu­nity ac­com­pany the young lady when mak­ing her vis­its. Or was it her choice?

When Roland But­ler was the mem­ber and cam­paigned in the district, he didn’t have to knock on doors be­cause he was so well­known. He could open the door and walk in. Hats of to you, Roland, be­cause there will never be an­other like you. You were a good ex­am­ple for other peo­ple run­ning for of­fice.

I spoiled my bal­lot to show my dis­con­tent with the par­ties. The day of the district meet­ings and hear­ing the dif­fer­ent peo­ple run­ning for nom­i­na­tion speak are gone. Now it is a name on a bal­lot.

Both the Lib­er­als and the PCS held their nom­i­na­tions by plac­ing bal­lot boxes in four or five com­mu­ni­ties. For­get about the other six or seven com­mu­ni­ties.

I was never one to go around the com­mu­nity, hang­ing onto a po­si­tion, and it’s hardly worth my while now.

There is a song that shares the words, “You just don’t put new patches on old gar­ments,” and dif­fer­ent po­lit­i­cal par­ties should be able to take a les­son from that.

The days are long past when you could put a per­son’s name on a bal­lot pa­per and have them elected. All one has to do is look at how well the NDP did in the Port de Grave district, even with­out any district or­ga­ni­za­tion.

I be­lieve the Lib­eral party de­feated it­self. What a poor ex­cuse for a po­lit­i­cal or­ga­ni­za­tion.

Yes, folks, half of our com­mu­nity was part of the govern­ment for the past four years, and guess what they ac­com­plished? The road on the east side of the Angli­can Church was up­graded. That was in the Car­bon­ear district.

Now that the Port de Grave district has voted in a govern­ment mem­ber, we hope to see the west side up­graded over the next four years.

Now, Glenn, we will wait and watch if you can ac­com­plish enough for Spa­niard’s Bay to have the west end of the Church Hill up­graded. Moses Bar­rett writes from

Spa­niard’s Bay

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