I was al­most tricked


I am writ­ing this let­ter to your pa­per in hopes that your read­ers can help al­le­vi­ate spend­ing un­nec­es­sary dol­lars.

I am for­tu­nate to have in­sur­ance on my oil-fired fur­nace, and am en­ti­tled to one main­te­nance check and clean­ing per year.

Just re­cently, I had that main­te­nance check done only to have the technician tell me there was a hole burned through the flex­i­ble pipe com­ing from the fur­nace and out into the wall ex­haust.

He asked me if there was a rea­son I had the wall ex­haust as ap­posed to a chim­ney? I ex­plained it was there when I bought the house, plus, I thought, it looked bet­ter. Why, I asked? Well, he said, it has to be re­placed and a chim­ney would be cheaper at about $1,300. That’s when I said, WOW!

Any­way, the ex­haust vent would cost $1,700, dou­ble WOW!

Point blank, I asked, couldn’t the pipe just be re­placed and point blank, I was told no be­cause in­side the ex­haust vent has cham­bers and they would also be burnt.

To make a very long story short, af­ter giv­ing this large oil com­pany the go-ahead to re­place the com­plete ex­haust vent at a cost of $1,700, I started in­quir­ing about the price. It so hap­pens af­ter con­tact­ing a lo­cal burner ser­vice which came to my aid im­me­di­ately that the pipe can be re­placed and there are no cham­bers in­side this ex­haust vent. It is only the pipe that runs through to the out­side.

The large oil com­pany’s tech­ni­cians re­sponse? He was only telling me what he was told! I know it was the week of Hal­loween and I was al­most tricked, but I got the treat be­cause I saved over $1,200.

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