Mackay must re­sign


This is Canada, not some pup­pet, third world, mil­i­tary regime that uses the peo­ples’ re­sources as they see fit. While the amount of money in­volved may not be con­sid­ered ex­ces­sive, when one con­tem­plates just how much money gov­ern­ments rou­tinely waste, it’s not re­ally the money that’s the point. The prin­ci­ple of the act is big­ger than that.

Mackay must re­sign. He has lost all cred­i­bil­ity. He should re­ceive no ben­e­fit of doubt. He has no place in the of­fices of stew­ard­ship that have been granted to him. Even if he feels he can make a plau­si­ble ar­gu­ment that, as the coun­try’s de­fence min­is­ter, he was par­tic­i­pat­ing in a planned SAR ex­er­cise, there is no dis­put­ing the fact that he was picked up from a fish­ing trip.

His ar­gu­ment is not only weak, it’s pa­thetic, if he truly be­lieves we should ac­cept it as log­i­cal; as cred­i­ble. He in­sults us twice. First, by de­cid­ing to use a SAR heli- copter for his per­sonal use, and sec­ond, by be­ing less than honourable in try­ing to sell us a story that is in­de­fen­si­ble. The de­fence min­is­ter has no de­fense. He should here­after al­ways be known as the min­is­ter of de­fence­less.

You have to ask your­self, at what point will you fi­nally tire of elected of­fi­cials grant­ing them­selves priv­i­leges we never in­tended to have them be­stow upon them­selves? Other in­di­vid­u­als have done far worse, to be sure. En­tire gov­ern­ments have been more waste­ful, and con­sid­ered them­selves more en­ti­tled.

Mackay’s id­iocy should be our line in the sand; the straw that broke our back. It should be right now, at this time, that we come to­gether and col­lec­tively say that enough is enough. We elect you with good in­ten­tions. We ex­pect our taxes to be dis­trib­uted eq­ui­tably and in good faith. You are sup­posed to be good ste­wards and rep­re­sent our col­lec­tive in­ter­ests. And any fail­ure on your part has a price. We’re not just com­plain­ing any­more. You will be asked to leave.

There is noth­ing par­ti­san about this. If I had to de­scribe my po­lit­i­cal ide­ol­ogy, I’d say I’m a so­cial con­ser­va­tive. We have no such party that to­tally rep­re­sents my view. That’s OK. I’m not here to com­plain about that. But if these pompous, self-right­eous users don’t leave when they are asked, we should go to the next level. Start an “Oc­cupy Peter Mackay’s House” move­ment or march on Par­lia­ment.

Write, write, write, and don’t give up. It’s hard to stay fo­cused on that as a goal when all we’re try­ing to do is get from one day to the next. But the Peter Mack­ays of the world count on your ap­a­thy, and de­pend on your ap­a­thy, and, if the truth be known, will still be there to­mor­row, be­cause of our ap­a­thy. Alex Harrold writes from West­port. He can be reached at ahar­

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