Taxes go­ing up in Vic­to­ria

Mayor says ex­tra rev­enue needed in or­der to bal­ance bud­get


Af­ter hold­ing the line on tax rates for as long as they could, mem­bers of the Vic­to­ria town coun­cil had to bite the bul­let this year and hike taxes and fees to bal­ance the 2012 bud­get.

Prop­erty, water and sewer and busi­ness taxes have all gone up marginally, while some fees for ser­vices have dou­bled.

“We needed a lit­tle ex­tra rev­enue to bal­ance our bud­get,” Mayor Art Burke told The Com­pass last week. “So rather than up the mill rate, which re­mains at 9.5 mills, we de­cided to find the rev­enue in other parts of our tax struc­ture so ev­ery­body would con­trib­ute to the cost evenly.”

Last year, Vic­to­ria coun­cil ac­tu­ally re­duced its mill rate from 10 to 9.5 mills.

Vic­to­ria is one of the few towns in the Trin­ity Con­cep­tion re­gion that has adopted a tax in­crease this year. Most other mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties have been able to hold the line on in­creases for an­other year.

Time to catch up

“We were way be­hind other towns in the area when it comes to min­i­mum prop­erty tax and min­i­mum water and sewer, and tax cer­tifi­cates and things like that,” Burke said.

Sug­gest­ing, “we only needed $25,000 or $26,000 to bal­ance our bud­get,” the mayor said, “ba­si­cally, that’s where the bit of ex­tra rev­enue we needed came from (prop­erty and water and sewer taxes).

“I guess we could have found it in our bud­get, but if you find it this year then you got to find it again next year. And you’d be look­ing for $50,000 then. Bet­ter to take the lit­tle bump when you need it rather than find­ing it in the bud­get, and elim­i­nat­ing things here and there.”

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