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I am just an or­di­nary vet­eran from the Sec­ond World War.

I, and lots of my friends, served at a time when Hitler had writ­ten his “Mein Kampf ” and with a party of school kids we had stayed for a while in Tri­este, at a place that also housed some Hitler ju­gend, and saw first­hand just how revered was this Hitler.

I served in the Far East in Burma, and was happy in the thought that we were all fight­ing for true democ­racy and the de­feat of mon­sters like Hitler.

How can th­ese politi­cians sleep at night know­ing that peo­ple have fought and died for the right to live in a democ­racy?

As some­one put it, a govern­ment for the peo­ple by the peo­ple — or so we al­ways thought of it.

In­stead, we now have a govern­ment in se­cret with no pos­si­ble chance of be­ing able to have any in­put into what hap­pens. And what shenani­gans they get up to in se­cret, be­hind closed doors.

Shame on you, and be­half of all the willing boys who lost their lives dream­ing of a new life for their fam­i­lies and friends, I spit on all of you politi­cians who sit idly by on your cush­ioned back­sides and ap­plaud each other.

Bad luck to all of you. Cyril Gorner writes from

Con­cep­tion Bay South

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