No faith in Clarke’s Beach coun­cil

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I wish to com­ment on the on­go­ing trou­bles in Clarke’s Beach. What’s dis­turb­ing about this whole sit­u­a­tion ( fill­ing in of The Glam) is that no engi­neer was con­sulted or even in­volved; only a few coun­cil­lors with no ex­per­tise in any field what­so­ever, tak­ing it upon them­selves to spend tax­pay­ers’ money what­ever way they see fit.

Re­minds me of an­other pro­ject no too long ago on Mo­tion Av­enue that cost the tax­pay­ers thou­sands of dol­lars to cor­rect. This crowd does not learn.

Do they have writ­ten ten­ders for the work to be done? Re­mem­ber, over $5,000 there must be a ten­der called.

How much more is be­ing done that tax­pay­ers be held li­able for?

Seems like this coun­cil can do as they please, re­gard­less of the out­come. They dis­cuss things dur­ing coun­cil meet­ings, and when it comes time to vote they find it bet­ter to leave the room be­cause of a con­flict of in­ter­est con­cern. Sorry. Too late then. If that is so, they should not have been in the room to de­bate the is­sue at all.

Was there a study done to see if any fish lived in The Glam. I was told there very well could be.

This all comes down to one thing — lead­er­ship. Right from the gov­ern­ment down. If coun­cil won’t fol­low the Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties Act or guide­lines, then gov­ern­ment has got to play a part and step in and make sure we as tax­pay­ers are pro­tected. They make the rules. They have to en­force them.

I get calls ask­ing “What is wrong in your town?” We fill the pa­per each week with con­cerns. Sure, all towns have prob­lems from time-to-time. Seems we have seven that can’t get their acts to­gether.


Frank Evely Sr. is a for­mer town coun­cil­lor. He writes from Clarke’s


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