Warmly greeted in Ochre Pit Cove

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My name is John and my home is in Eng­land.

I first came to New­found­land in 1997. My visit was in con­nec­tion with “The Matthew,” the replica of the ves­sel as used by John Cabot back in 1497, when he and his crew claimed New­found­land for Henry VII of Eng­land.

It was to be a “one-off ” visit, but here we are, my wife and I, 15 years later with a home over in New World Is­land in cen­tral New­found­land.

Need­less to say we like New­found­land, its coun­try, its coast­line but most of all its peo­ple.

Back home in Eng­land we are so pop­u­lated that we of­ten do not know our neigh­bours very well. In con­trast here in New­found­land the peo­ple seem to have the time or make the time to be friendly and to care what hap­pens to those around them.

Nowhere was this bet­ter il­lus­trated than on our re­cent visit to the Bay de Verde Penin­sula, when we sailed into Ochre Pit Cove.

Need­less to say we like New­found­land, its coun­try, its coast­line but most of all its


We were en route to Car­bon­ear but the pre­vail­ing sea con­di­tions were de­te­ri­o­rat­ing and we needed shel­ter so Ochre Pit Cove be­came our sanc­tu­ary.

We were met at the wharf by a few lo­cal peo­ple who had been watch­ing us. They claimed they could see more of our hull than was good. Well, the sea was tum­bling us around a lit­tle but we had a good sea­wor­thy craft. Nonethe­less, such con­cern was ap­pre­ci­ated.

It did not end there as we men­tioned that our cooker was busted and were an­tic­i­pat- ing a cold makeshift meal. One young man in­sisted on driv­ing us down the road for four or five miles so that we could get a hot ‘take­away’ meal. We did not get his name, only that he and his wife were ex­pect­ing their first child and he came from Ochre Pit. He will know who he is and I hope he reads this and rec­og­nizes him­self and how his kind­ness was much ap­pre­ci­ated. A lit­tle later his par­ents showed up at the wharf and asked how we were mak­ing out.

If this event had been iso­lated then it may not seem that re­mark­able. There are kind and thought­ful peo­ple around wher­ever you go. But this kind­ness and thought­ful be­hav­iour hap­pens all the time out here in New­found­land, which is why it is worth men­tion­ing and, in­deed, worth cel­e­brat­ing.

So a big ‘thank you’ to all our friends we have met and all those we have yet to meet here in this “Mar­vel­lous Ter­ri­ble Place” called New­found­land and Labrador.

John Ramwell writes from Cot­tlesville, New World Is­land

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