What hap­pened to Bri­gus?

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Why hasn’t the gov­ern­ment de­vel­oped the beau­ti­ful, pic­turesque, his­tor­i­cal Town of Bri­gus into the ma­jor tourist des­ti­na­tion that Bri­gus could be and should be?

Sadly, about 90 per cent of Bri­gus’ great his­tory is not made known to tourists or our res­i­dents. Why?

Our Stone Barn Mu­seum, which was built by the gov­ern­ment, was built way too small, and can only hold a small amount of the town’s his­tor­i­cal ar­ti­facts. Why?

Our Bri­gus flag fea­tures three sym­bols — the sail­ing ves­sel rep­re­sents our marine her­itage; the seal rep­re­sents our seal fish­ery; and the split cod­fish rep­re­sents the Labrador cod fish­ery. Yet there is no dis­play in our mu­seum on the sail­ing ves­sels of Bri­gus, or the fact that there were 133 ves­sels built at a ship­yard in River­head, Bri­gus.

There is also no dis­play on the seal fish­ery, which is shock­ing con­sid­er­ing that it was the money that was made from the seal fish­ery that made Bri­gus one of the most fa­mous and wealth­i­est small towns in the world.

There is also no dis­play on the Labrador cod fish­ery, which also helped play a part in Bri­gus’ pros­per­ity. Again I ask, Why?

They say a pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words, yet there are hun­dreds of old Bri­gus pho­tos at The Rooms and Memo­rial Univer- sity. Again, why haven’t these pic­tures been copied and placed on dis­play in Bri­gus, where tourists and res­i­dents can view them?

Sadly, there is very lit­tle for tourists to do and stay in Bri­gus for.

There are no hik­ing trails marked, or no ponds marked for swim­ming or trout­ing. Also, we have sports fa­cil­i­ties that are non­op­er­a­tional and could and should be fixed up and made avail­able to tourists and res­i­dents, in­clud­ing the tennis court, bas­ket­ball court and soft­ball field

Also, we have a town coun­cil and his­tor­i­cal so­ci­ety that does not seem to have been ed­u­cated in tourism or how to save this town’s unique her­itage fea­tures, es­pe­cially our rock walls. Again, why?

For some un­known rea­son, Bri­gus was never de­vel­oped for tourism. Ei­ther the gov­ern­ment lacked the in­tel­li­gence to do so, or maybe Rock­well Kent taught the gov­ern­ment an im­por­tant les­son about the peo­ple of Bri­gus.

In clos­ing, if Bri­gus was lo­cated any­where else in the world, it would have been de­vel­oped into a ma­jor tourist des­ti­na­tion like Lunen­burg, NS, which draws hun­dreds of thou­sands of tourists each year. So what hap­pened in Bri­gus? Wil­liam Pomeroy Jr. writes from Bri­gus

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