Clarke’s Beach not dys­func­tional, say coun­cil mem­bers

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The deputy mayor and coun­cil­lors of the Clarke’s Beach town coun­cil wish to re­spond to the MacLean’s mag­a­zine ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing the dys­func­tional town/coun­cil of Clarkes Beach story. The story is al­leged to have been writ­ten fol­low­ing an in cam­era meet­ing with the mayor, Betty Moore.

As an open­ing state­ment, we wish to apol­o­gize to our res­i­dents and our busi­ness­peo­ple for the al­leged com­ments of­fered by the mayor. We wish to in­form our res­i­dents that your town and its coun­cil are not dys­func­tional. This is the opin­ion of one per­son.

How could the mayor say that this town and its coun­cil are dys­func­tional when over the past two years we have: 1. built a new town garage; 2. ac­quired a town dump truck; 3. ac­quired a new back­hoe; 4. built a new sec­tion on the new garage com­pleted one year ago; 5. ac­quired its own garbage truck; 6. in­sti­tuted its own snow­clear­ing; 7. about to in­sti­tute its own garbage col­lec­tion; 8. set up its own web­site; 9. just re­cently re­ceived pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ment ap­proval of $500,000 for a wa­ter and sewer;

10. and the town coun­cil just re­cently worked out an ar­range­ment with three other towns to up­grade the war memo­rial.

We wish to point out that the mayor voted against some of the mo­tions that saw the town ac­quire those 10 new ini­tia­tives.

We wish to state that as coun­cil­lors, we will place our record of ac­com­plish­ment with any other simi- lar sized town in the prov­ince of New­found­land and Labrador. We have and will continue to be good stew­ards and good man­agers.

Clarke’s Beach has the low­est mill rate, at 7.5, of any in­cor­po­rated town in Con­cep­tion Bay North.

We there­fore ask the ques­tion: Would the pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ment pro­vide in ex­cess of $500,000 for a dys­func­tional town/coun­cil? Would a dys­func­tional town/coun­cil have ac­quired the listed 10 items and above all main­tained a mill rate that is the envy of all towns in this prov­ince?

On Oct. 23, at the town hall, some 20 res­i­dents came to­gether to form the first ever her­itage so­ci­ety for the Town of Clarke’s Beach. Would this be pos­si­ble in a dys­func­tional town?

As town coun­cil­lors, we wish to set the record straight with facts and not hare­say-state­ments to our res­i­dents and ev­ery­body else that the Town of Clarke’s Beach is one of the best man­aged towns in the prov­ince, with great res­i­dents who love to call Clarke’s Beach “my home­town.”

Again, we wish to apol­o­gize to all our res­i­dents and busi­ness­peo­ple for the mayor’s com­ments and take plea­sure in say­ing to all that Clarke’s Beach is not as was de­scribed by the mayor in her MacLean’s ar­ti­cle.

It is also our in­ten­tion to re­quest that MacLean’s would pub­lish our past three-year ac­com­plish­ments to show the read­ers that the story pro­vided to them was so very in­ac­cu­rate.

Sub­mit­ted by Deputy Mayor Kevin Hussey, and coun­cil­lors Garry Ben­dell, Win­ston Vokey, El­don Snow, David Moore Jr., and Roland An­drews.

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