Where’s the apol­ogy, Lance?

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I was not all that an­gry when Lance Arm­strong was proven to be a cheater. It wasn’t even that in­fu­ri­at­ing when he was stripped of his seven Tour de France ti­tles, or when he lost all of his endorsements. We don’t have to worry about him find­ing enough change to pur­chase his next cup of cof­fee, that’s for sure.

For many, the point that makes the sit­u­a­tion so in­fu­ri­at­ing is that he lied about not do­ing per­for­manceen­hanc­ing drugs for many years. Arm­strong swin­dled all of us into be­liev­ing that he le­git­i­mately cap­tured those seven crowns by him­self.

If he had’ve just come clean af­ter all of this came down, a cer­tain level of for­give­ness could be expected and given. But, he didn’t. Arm­strong main­tained that he was in­no­cent. That this whole or­deal was a part of a mis­sion de­signed to smear his golden boy per­sona.

It does not pro­duce as much anger as the fact that Arm­strong, to date, has not of­fered any form of pub­lic state­ment re­gard­ing the is­sues of the dis­graced cy­clist.

One of the few things he’s of­fered is “Alive and well in Hawaii” on his Twit­ter ac­count.

Sure, he can get in front of a crowd of Live­strong sup­port­ers and say the foun­da­tion is do­ing great work as he did on Oct. 19, but where is the, “yeah, you got me. I doped up and I got caught.”

Where’s the, “I’m not sure why I de­nied it so much. I should’ve come clean from the start?”

Arm­strong is on the verge of pos­si­bly los­ing his Olympic bronze medal from the 2000 Sydney Games, he’s al­ready had his Tour de France ti­tles taken away and the endorsements are gone, yet he can’t be both­ered to of­fer any ex­pla­na­tion or any sign of re­morse for his ac­tions.

Some will un­doubt­edly point to the fact that cy­cling is ram­pant with ath­letes who dope in or­der to com­pete. That’s fine, but those guys haven’t come out and claimed in­no­cence with a fe­roc­ity that re­sem­bles wolves at­tack­ing a cari­bou on the frozen tundra. Arm­strong has. Yes, his foun­da­tion, Live­strong, has raised mil­lions of dol­lars in aid of can­cer re­search and help­ing those af­fected by can­cer, but does that mean Arm­strong is off the hook for his lack of an apol­ogy?

He owes the pub­lic that much.

Ni­cholas Mercer

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