Con­demn­ing em­ploy­ment as­sis­tance cuts

The Compass - - OPINION - Tony Ducey writes from Cove, For­tune Bay French­man’s

Government’s de­ci­sion to cut fund­ing to em­ploy­ment as­sis­tance of­fices has left peo­ple an­gry, con­fused and scratch­ing their heads as to why government would ac­tu­ally think do­ing this is a good idea and/would help peo­ple.

As to a back­ground as to what th­ese of­fices do: They help peo­ple find work, they help them go back to school, they help them write re­sumes as well as cover let­ters. Over­all what th­ese of­fices do is they help ben­e­fit peo­ple who are ei­ther un-em­ployed, un­der em­ployed or dis­abled. So you can see why the need is there.

With all due re­spect to the em­ploy­ees at Ad­vanced Ed­u­ca­tion and Skills, I don’t know how the government ex­pects them to han­dle the in­creased work­load that will come as a re­sult of this move. Es­pe­cially with a hir­ing freeze on within the pro­vin­cial government. The work that could be done eas­ily in the past with an EAS of­fice is now ex­pected to be done by some­one at Ad­vanced Ed­u­ca­tion and Skills. Don’t know how that’ll work.

Also what about the clients of th­ese of­fices? (Of which I am one). Are me and other peo­ple sup­posed to take all that we’ve achieved work­ing with th­ese EAS of­fices and start over in an­other area? Gov­ern- ment seems to want us to but I don’t know how af­ter 13 years of work­ing with my lo­cal EAS/CPA of­fice and achiev­ing such great re­sults how I can start over more or less from scratch with some­one new.

To the pro­vin­cial government I say: Re­scind this ques­tion­able de­ci­sion im­me­di­ately. At a time when we have all th­ese megapro­jects on the go, the time is not right for us to be cut­ting em­ploy­ment coun­sel­lors who could help find peo­ple in this province, who are un­em­ployed, fill th­ese jobs.

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