Three blind mice in the House

The Compass - - OPINION - — Moses Bar­rett writes from Spa­niard’s Bay

Our third mouse must be our min­is­ter of health, the min­is­ter who put the won­der­ful den­tal pro­gram in place. She didn’t make con­tact with the den­tal as­so­ci­a­tion to get an idea of how much this pro­gram would cost.

What hap­pened to that won­der­ful pro­gram af­ter a few short months? The pro­gram must be can­celled; it’s too costly.

This has left the min­is­ter of health with mud on her face and maybe she got mud in her eye, and that’s why she’s blind.

We have a drug pro­gram which pays for some of our drugs. I am sure there are many other peo­ple like my­self who have been pre­scribed drugs not cov­ered by the (provin­cial) drug pro­gram. As my poor old fa­ther would say, “we have a half-arsed drug pro­gram.” The time has come where we should have a full cov­er­age drug pro­gram, com­plete with a den­tal pro­gram.

Our sec­ond mouse must be our min­is­ter of jus­tice, who was not only blind, but some­one must have caused him brain dam­age when he made his cuts for the bud­get.

When I say some­one has mud on their face, the min­is­ter of jus­tice must be smoth­ered in it. That poor man didn’t know what he was in­volved with.

How bad must a fel­low feel when his bud­get cuts have to be dis­carded and some­one else has to straighten it out for him?

Ed­u­ca­tion doesn’t mean a per­son is smart if there is noth­ing be­tween their two ears of that knob that lays on his shoul­ders.

And what can be said about our No. 1 blind mouse, the speaker of the house? Is it pos­si­ble that the man is ac­tu­ally dull-wit­ted as he makes him­self to be?

The man with all the brains who wanted to change the rules of the House to make him look good in Kathy’s eyes. It must have been aw­ful em­bar­rass­ing when that poor speaker had to apol­o­gize to the lady from the NDP. He must have a skin on him like a rhi­noc­eros to say some­thing and then have to eat his words and apol­o­gize. What a man.

But we al­ways knew his type of man from when he first ran for pol­i­tics. He knew he couldn’t get elected as a PC in the dis­trict he was run­ning, so what did he do? He ran as a Lib­eral. And to top things off, he talked John Ef­ford into com­ing to his dis­trict and cam­paign for him.

He did win the seat, but the PCs won the elec­tion and Wise­man crossed the floor to sit as a PC. His dis­trict must be as bad as he is be­cause they keep elect­ing him as a PC.

There are a few more in the party who are start­ing to get sand in their eyes. I wouldn’t say they are qual­i­fied to be one of the three blind mice yet, but they are get­ting close.

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