Dog bite re­quires 40 stitches

Four-year-old Rose­mary New­man from Har­bour Grace bit­ten by Siberian Husky


A two-year-old Siberian Husky caused quite a stir in the Town of Har­bour Grace last week af­ter bit­ing four-year-old Rose­mary New­man May 4 on Brazil’s Lane, leav­ing her with lac­er­a­tions on her face only a week be­fore her fifth birth­day.

The dog in ques­tion be­longs to Wayne Pel­ley, who told The Com­pass via email his dog, Rane, just had a lit­ter of pups less than two weeks ago.

Pel­ley said Rane has been at his par­ent’s home on the lane for around seven months and is al­ways chained in the same place when she is out­side. He also noted the neigh­bour­hood chil­dren know and play with her.

Ac­cord­ing to the New­man fam­ily, their daugh­ter re­quired some 40 stitches af­ter the in­ci­dent, which they say was un­pro­voked.

“His dog came out and jumped on (Rose­mary) and dragged her on the ground,” ex­plained fa­ther, Wayne New­man.

Rose­mary’s mother, whom her daugh­ter is named, said two of her daugh­ters, 12-year-old Stephanie and Rose­mary, were walk­ing home from Pow­ell’s Su­per­mar­ket on Harvey Street when the event took place.

Young Rose­mary was taken to Car­bon­ear Hos­pi­tal and im­me­di­ately trans­ported to the Janeway Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal via am­bu­lance.

No charges have been laid in the in­ci­dent.

“The RCMP said there won’t be charges laid, but there will,” New­man stated, re­fer­ring to an al­leged as­sault on his wife by Pel­ley that he claims hap­pened as the young girl was get­ting in the am­bu­lance.

“He gave me a crack up­side the face, so nat­u­rally I shoved him back,” Rose­mary’s mother said. “I’m still wait­ing to hear from the RCMP to see if I can press charges, which I plan on do­ing.”

Pel­ley agrees there was an al­ter­ca­tion but de­nied lay­ing a hand on Rose­mary’s mother.

In fact, he sug­gested the op­po­site — she as­saulted him.

“She pushed me to the ground. Then three oth­ers were go­ing to at­tack me and my mother,” he claimed. “She even ut­tered threats to­wards us, so that’s what set me off.”

Po­lice in­ves­ti­gated

The Trin­ity Con­cep­tion RCMP was called, and a po­lice re­port was com­pleted on the in­ci­dent.

“There was a dog chained on in a yard and a young girl tugged on the dog’s chain,” Const. Steve Squires told The Com­pass. “The dog just had a new lit­ter of pups and I guess it ag­gra­vated her, and then she bit the young girl.”

Squires said the in­juries noted in the re­port were mi­nor and non-lifethreat­en­ing, but the girl was brought to Car­bon­ear Hos­pi­tal to get checked out. The num­ber of stitches was not in­cluded in the re­port.

So far, said Squires, charges have not been laid be­cause the po­lice have to take into ac­count the to­tal­ity of the sit­u­a­tion.

“The dog was teth­ered as re­quired, and the young girl was ap­proach­ing a strange dog,” he ex­plained.

No stranger

Pel­ley said Rane is a pure bred Siberian husky, and does not con­tain any Pit­bull, like Rose­mary’s fa­ther had pub­licly stated last week. He also said the fam­ily knows the dog, and has vis­ited her on more than one oc­ca­sion.

“Wayne has stopped with the lit­tle girl so she could pat her, and has ex­pressed how kind and beau­ti­ful my dog is,” he said.

Pel­ley be­lieves the sit­u­a­tion was un­for­tu­nate, but the po­lice state­ment is ac­cu­rate.

“I have an eye­wit­ness who was with Rane and her pup­pies when some­one started pulling her chain try­ing to get her to come out (of the yard),” he con­tin­ued. “Un­for­tu­nately it was this lit­tle girl.”

If the sit­u­a­tion had been dif­fer­ent, and it was a ran­dom bite, Pel­ley said he would have had the dog put down.

“That is not what hap­pened, and Rane is not go­ing any­where,” he stated.

Fam­ily not sat­is­fied

The New­man fam­ily did not agree with the po­lice re­port or Pel­ley’s ver­sion of the events. They claim a state­ment was never taken from any of them on the in­ci­dent and may have to take things fur­ther.

“(The po­lice) never even both­ered to come here and take a state­ment,” the fa­ther said. “If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to go to the court house, take the lit­tle girl in front of the judge and get a court or­der to put the dog down.”

New­man said he be­lieves the dog was on a 25-foot chain tied onto the steps of the home, and she was too close to the road.

“It shouldn’t be al­lowed to come up along side of the pave­ment,” he stated, adding his con­cern right now is his daugh­ter, and he’ll deal with the dog is­sue when she is bet­ter.

Pel­ley ar­gued young Rose­mary had to come at least 10 feet onto the prop­erty in or­der to reach the chain in the first place.

He has sym­pa­thy for the child, and be­lieves it could have been avoided.

“I have to say my heart goes out to the lit­tle girl,” he said. “Rane just went out in an in­stinc­tive man­ner to pro­tect her pup­pies.”

It is un­known if Rose­mary will have per­ma­nent scars, but she will re­turn to the Janeway in July for a fol­low-up ap­point­ment with a plas­tic sur­geon.

Ac­cord­ing to her mother, Rose­mary feels the con­stant at­ten­tion is af­fect­ing her.

“There are so many faces around, and she is see­ing peo­ple she nor­mally wouldn’t see, all hav­ing a look (at her),” she said. “She’s very un­com­fort­able.”

The fa­ther added she is still in a lot of pain, and it will take a long time for her to re­cover.

Sub­mit­ted photo

Rose­mary New­man, now five, was bit­ten by a Siberian Husky in Har­bour Grace May 4. She re­quired 40 stitches in her face af­ter the in­ci­dent.

Siberian husky, Rane, has been ac­cused of an un­pro­voked at­tack on a fouryear-old girl in Har­bour Grace May 4.

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