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Edi­tor’s note: the author of this let­ter is a stu­dent at As­cen­sion Col­le­giate in Bay Roberts, and penned th­ese words as part of a writ­ing course.

I am writ­ing this let­ter be­cause since watch­ing the evening news and hear­ing peo­ple talk about what’s go­ing on in our world I have no­ticed that crim­i­nals get too much at­ten­tion from the me­dia. You hear more about the bad and not so much about the good. Why must so­ci­ety be this way? On July 2011, An­ders Breivik, a man with a nar­cis­sis­tic per­son­al­ity dis­or­der didn’t agree with the govern­ment, so he bombed govern­ment build­ings in Oslo. Then he car­ried out a mass shoot­ing at a camp of the Work­ers Youth League on the is­land of Utoya.

An­ders was con­victed of a mass mur­der caus­ing a fa­tal ex­plo­sion and ter­ror­ism in Au­gust 2012. An­ders killed 77 peo­ple, mostly teenagers. An­ders was all over the news and soon al­most ev­ery­one knew about him. Even to­day you could ask just about any­one and they would more than likely know about him, but what about the good?

I feel that not only An­ders, but crim­i­nals in gen­eral should not be put all over the news. They shouldn’t have any books about them or any­thing be­cause I find it makes them pop­u­lar. It’s like giv­ing them credit for com­mit­ting a crime.

I be­lieve that peo­ple who do good things should be talked about more and rewarded. Maybe that would help make a change and in­stead of peo­ple do­ing crimes they would be more con­cerned about other good things that are go­ing on in the world. Also, I think that the peo­ple who do the crimes should have a longer jail time or, de­pend­ing on what they do, death so there would be less peo­ple do­ing crimes.

In the fu­ture, I hope to see more of the good things splashed all over the news and maybe that will make peo­ple feel a lit­tle bet­ter about the world they live in. — Court­ney Rear­don writes from

Clarke’s Beach

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