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Have you ever needed to speak to coun­cil at a pri­vate or pub­lic meet­ing to dis­cuss a mat­ter or sit­u­a­tion im­por­tant to you? Well we have and af­ter mak­ing a pub­lic ap­pli­ca­tion, then re­peated emails and tele­phone calls, our an­swer wasn’t just “no,” but no re­ply at all! To ex­pe­ri­ence such ar­ro­gance and ig­no­rance from a coun­cil or any­one serv­ing the pub­lic is down­right wrong…

I am a res­i­dent of Spa­niard’s Bay and have been for all of my life and never have I ex­pe­ri­enced such dis­re­spect from the coun­cil as I did re­gard­ing an in­ci­dent that oc­curred on July 24.

When we re­turned home from work that evening, we had quite an im­age to face. Our prop­erty, drive­way, fence, house, win­dows and ve­hi­cle had been cov­ered with rocks, sand and mud dur­ing road sweep­ing. The op­er­a­tor of the equip­ment had left quite a mess.

Out­raged with what had hap­pened, we con­tacted sev­eral coun­cil mem­bers. A few of the coun­cil­lors vis­ited our prop­erty that evening and each of them was amazed and dis­gusted with what had hap­pened dur­ing the sweep­ing. We took pho­tos and were ad­vised to sub­mit a let­ter of pro­posal to have our prop­erty cleaned up and this let­ter was put be­fore coun­cil at the meet­ing on Aug. 12.

On Aug. 16, we re­ceived a let­ter stat­ing the re­fusal of our pro­posal and the vote that took place at the meet­ing was 5-1 against com­pen­sat­ing us for any cleanup of our prop­erty. Also, on the re­fusal let­ter, it stated that bet­ter pro­to­col would be put in place for the next sweep­ing, so that state­ment it­self ad­mits that they were in the wrong.

The coun­cil mem­bers that were dis­gusted when they saw the state our prop­erty ac­tu­ally voted against our pro­posal at the meet­ing. I al­ways thought that if you were in the wrong then you were re­spon­si­ble for fix­ing the mis­take, no mat­ter what the cost. We vote th­ese peo­ple in to be the lead­ers of our town and this is an ex­am­ple of their de­ci­sion mak­ing.

The cost to clean up our prop­erty is not the only is­sue, the rea­son­ing and the dis­re­spect is dis­gust­ing to me and that is why I wrote this ar­ti­cle to let the peo­ple of Spa­niard’s Bay know who we have run­ning our town.

What would be the coun­cil­lors’ views if it were their prop­erty and ve­hi­cle that was left in this state?

We have lived at this res­i­dence for the past 23 years and have never had this hap­pen to us dur­ing road sweep­ing, so ob­vi­ously some­thing was done wrong dur­ing the sweep­ing on July 24.

There is a lot more in­volved in run­ning a town than col­lect­ing taxes.

That be­ing said, Tony Men­chions and Brenda Sey­mour are the only two coun­cil­lors who will get our sup­port in the fu­ture.

— Rick and Paulette Ped­dle are re­side on Mint Cove Pond

Road North, Spa­niard’s Bay

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