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It’s that time again — mu­nic­i­pal elec­tions across our prov­ince, and Clarke’s Beach is no ex­cep­tion. It is also a time for us to col­lect our thoughts, ex­press our val­ues and opin­ions, and to come to a con­clu­sion on who is best suited to run our town, work for us, re­spect us as a com­mu­nity and do the right thing when­ever pos­si­ble on our be­half.

Look­ing around my­self and hav­ing at­tended many meet­ings over the past four years I have many con­cerns on is­sues that have af­fected us in our com­mu­nity.

To be­gin with, I see a slab of ce­ment across from our town cen­tre on the Con­cep­tion Bay high­way which cost tax­pay­ers in the vicin­ity of $40,000. Of what value it is and what it will be used for is yet to be de­ter­mined.

How can we for­get our beau­ti­ful white garbage truck pur­chased for close to $50,000, which only works on oc­ca­sion and our re­pair bills keep mount­ing, not to men­tion its gas con­sump­tion. In fact, it prob­a­bly should be parked at Robin Hood Bay.

We have also hired an­other full­time em­ployee to op­er­ate this truck along with other du­ties around town, more money … the costs are mount­ing.

Over the years we have al­ways had two em­ploy­ees, one full-time and one part-time. Things were go­ing well while a con­trac­tor col­lected our garbage and no one had any com­plaints. This of course did cost money, but I bet if you were to look at both sit­u­a­tions you would see a huge dif­fer­ence.

We also had a let­ter in to our lo­cal Com­pass re­gard­ing the deplorable con­di­tion of our chil­dren’s play­ground. You can bet that fell on deaf ears like ev­ery­thing else.

An­other con­cern I have: Have you ever needed to speak to coun­cil at a pri­vate or pub­lic meet­ing to dis­cuss a mat­ter or sit­u­a­tion im­por­tant to you? Well we have and af­ter mak­ing a pub­lic ap­pli­ca­tion, then re­peated emails and tele­phone calls, our an­swer wasn’t just “no,” but no re­ply at all!

To ex­pe­ri­ence such ar­ro­gance and ig­no­rance from a coun­cil or any­one serv­ing the pub­lic is down­right wrong. We have been de­nied to speak at any gen­eral meet­ing, we can­not get an ap­point­ment to tell our side of the story. There is a real lack of trans­parency re­gard­ing our town mat­ters.

You see it be­comes quite ob­vi­ous your opin­ion doesn’t mat­ter to this coun­cil.

Our mayor — she is also one of us — is left out of the loop, while all de­ci­sions are made by the “Boy’s Club.”

We do have two peo­ple on coun­cil who WILL work for you, and you prob­a­bly know by now who they are. In my opin­ion what we have is a “wannabe mayor” and his boys work­ing on their own agen­das where we are not in­cluded — it’s sad. Shame on th­ese coun­cil­lors!

At a gen­eral meet­ing cer­tain mem­bers chal­lenged our mayor from her chair, lashed out at her with pointed fin­gers and red­dened cheeks in front of the pub­lic. It was very up­set­ting to watch. I won­der if our mayor was a male would they have done that? What do you think, ladies? How would you feel if you were on the re­ceiv­ing end? How would you de­fend your­self?

So folks we have a lot to think about. Who will serve on our next coun­cil and how do we as a com­mu­nity de­serve to be treated? Do we want this friv­o­lous spend­ing and waste­ful­ness to end and more em­pha­sis placed on our sur­round­ings and the chil­dren of our town? Do we want our voice back and our mayor to be re­spected by all con­cerned? We want our town to move for­ward in a pos­i­tive way and the mayor of our town to be re­spected, whether male or fe­male.

Our com­mu­nity can­not keep go­ing this way. The neg­a­tiv­ity is spilling over on our res­i­dents.

We, the res­i­dents, are top pri­or­ity and we must say so on Sept. 24. Let’s think about our com­mu­nity and choose coun­cil­lors who will re­spect us, lis­ten to our con­cerns and build a fu­ture for our chil­dren. We are all fed up with a one-sided agenda. Let’s move for­ward in a pos­i­tive di­rec­tion. — Clare Mur­phy writes from

Clarke’s Beach

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