Car­bon­ear needs to take a bite out of dog prob­lem, says walker

The Compass - - OPINION - — Allen Wil­lie writes from Bris­tol’s Hope

In search­ing the In­ter­net for the an­i­mal con­trol of­fice phone num­ber in Car­bon­ear, the first thing that came up was an ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing the on­go­ing prob­lem in Car­bon­ear of pets run­ning loose or not teth­ered by leash nor hav­ing li­censes. This prob­lem seems to be trou­bling on the road that runs up to the old fish plant that has been torn down on the south­side.

The old road trail up past the plant is where I walk from Bris­tol’s Hope to Car­bon­ear and back. I have walked it nu­mer­ous since mov­ing to Bris­tol’s Hope.

The prob­lems be­gin as I reach the perime­ter of Car­bon­ear and head to the post of­fice, or Pow­ell’s Su­per­mar­ket.

There are count­less pets off leashes run­ning loose amongst the houses along the way to the board­walk and li­brary.

I can at­test to this first hand as I now have been bit­ten by the same dog twice on that road. The first time the owner seemed to be nowhere in sight, whether in the house or gone at the time.

The sec­ond oc­cur­rence, I was ap­palled as the ap­par­ent owner was stand­ing in the yard watch­ing what was go­ing on as it hap­pened and did noth­ing. No apol­ogy. Just picked the dog up in her arms.

The an­i­mal con­trol peo­ple were no­ti­fied and hope­fully will act when needed to curb th­ese prob­lems in a prompt man­ner. The own­ers them­selves had bet­ter take a hard and fast look at them­selves and their re­spon­si­bil­ity as pet own­ers.

I am orig­i­nally from Al­berta and I can see the signs that Car­bon­ear and New­found­land are now go­ing through grow­ing pains as things in the prov­ince start to im­prove, much like the smaller com­mu­ni­ties in Al­berta did back in the late 70s and early 80s.

My hope is that the peo­ple in charge of th­ese com­mu­ni­ties have the back­bone and put on the big boy pants needed to face the chal­lenges that await them and nip is­sues like th­ese in the bud be­fore they be­come big­ger prob­lems to han­dle.

My con­cern re­gard­ing the dog bite prob­lem: what if it had been a small child with lit­tle or no pro­tec­tion on the arms or legs? The peo­ple of Car­bon­ear bet­ter take a hard look at this sit­u­a­tion.

The “it can’t hap­pen to me” at­ti­tudes have got to change right off the bat be­fore things do get out of hand even more.

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