Testy ex­changes at reg­u­lar meet­ing

Roads and speed bumps lead to con­trary opin­ions among elected of­fi­cials


Amid the back­drop of an up­com­ing mu­nic­i­pal elec­tion, the Car­bon­ear coun­cil cham­ber was alive with ten­sion and de­bate last week.

Two is­sues at the Sept. 9 coun­cil meet­ing caused some de­bate, see­ing coun­cil­lors David Kennedy and Ed Goff op­pose Deputy Mayor — and may­oral can­di­date — Ches Ash on two is­sues.

Con­cern about the speed of driv­ers in the town brought up one heated dis­agree­ment.

There have been some con­cerns with speed­ing driv­ers at Car­bon­ear Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal’s new cross­walk on Highroad South, which di­rects walk­ers to a new park­ing lot.

The con­tract­ing com­pany com­plet­ing the work sug­gested to put in a de­ter­rent for driv­ers to slow down. Coun­cil had to choose be­tween two op­tions.

The first was to in­sert speed bumps like those re­cently erected on Val­ley Road in front of Car­bon­ear Acad­emy.

The sec­ond was to carve rum­ble strips — skim­ming off the top of the pave­ment to cre­ate a rougher sur­face — as a warn­ing.

Re­search ver­sus tim­ing

The sug­ges­tions led to Ash de­scrib­ing some speed-re­lated con­cerns that he be­lieved should be ad­dressed — ve­hi­cles all over the town ex­ceed­ing the posted speed lim­its. The en­tire coun­cil agreed.

Ash then sug­gested more in­for­ma­tion should be sought about the le­gal­i­ties of speed bumps be­fore they are con­sid­ered for the re­main­der of the town.

“I would like for us to find out what, and if, li­a­bil­i­ties are as­so­ci­ated with that sit­u­a­tion,” Ash said.

“We’ve known about this,” Kennedy con­tested. “Ed (Goff ) brought it up 15 months ago and we’re still look­ing at it? It’s too long to be look­ing at stuff.”

A short back and forth took place, with Ash stand­ing by the idea that more in­for­ma­tion needs to be pro­vided.

“I’m say­ing we have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to ver­ify whether or not there is li­a­bil­ity.”

Kennedy sug­gested as long as sig­nage is up, there should be no li­a­bil­ity.

Ash also added coun­cil should get a re­sponse from some­one in au­thor­ity.

“We’ve had enough time to do that from the time this con­ver­sa­tion first started,” Kennedy con­cluded.

Rum­ble strips were the coun­cil’s rec­om­men­da­tion for the area by the hos­pi­tal with the agree­ment if they don’t work, the con­trac­tor will repave the roads. It will be at no cost to the town.

Curb­ing road is­sues

The sec­ond is­sue saw Goff dis­agree strongly with Ash in re­gards to con­struc­tion tak­ing place on Lon­don Road.

Phase II of the new wa­ter, sewer and road re­place­ment pro­ject is com­ing to an end, but there is still some left­over money to con­tinue the pro­ject.

It was ini­tially ex­pected to con­clude at the top of Val­ley View Heights, but af­ter con­fir­ma­tion from Mu­nic­i­pal Af­fairs, town ad­min­is­tra­tor Cyn­thia Davis said the job could con­tinue mi­nus wa­ter and sewer, but re­quested coun­cil’s in­put on how to pro­ceed.

The op­tions in­cluded con­tin­u­ing the cur­rent job with curb, gut­ter and pave­ment, or just lay­ing pave­ment.

“Some of the road is in poor shape, de­spi­ca­ble shape I should say,” Ash said. “Would it be ad­vis­able for us to con­sider just resur­fac­ing the road?”

Goff was op­posed to just the resur­fac­ing, not­ing there are some is­sues that need to be ad­dressed near the elec­tri­cal sub­sta­tion on the north side of the street, and curb and gut­ter would solve them.

“I know the road is in bad shape, but I think we have to look at the in­fra­struc­ture and do a qual­ity job,” Goff said. “We’re not go­ing to get sub­stan­tially fur­ther, but I think if we’re go­ing to con­tinue we might as well con­tinue with what we’ve got there.”

Ash said he would have liked more de­tailed in­for­ma­tion be­fore mak­ing a de­ci­sion.

Coun­cil voted to con­tinue with curb and gut­ter.

Mean­while, Cougar Con­tract­ing — the com­pany com­plet­ing Lon­don Road — is cur­rently lay­ing pave­ment and is ex­pected to com­plete the job some­time this fall.

Skatepark de­lay

For those who were look­ing for­ward to us­ing the new skatepark fa­cil­i­ties, de­layed.





The ramps and rails have been or­dered, but the ship­ment has not ar­rived.

Rob But­ton, the town’s di­rec­tor of tourism and recre­ation, said he ex­pects it will be some­time in Oc­to­ber be­fore the equip­ment will ar­rive, more than a month later than ini­tially ex­pected.

But­ton did have some other equip­ment news. Bike racks for the recre­ation fa­cil­ity and bas­ket­ball nets for Crocker’s Cove play­ground have ar­rived. There was no up­date on when they would be in­stalled as of Sept. 12.

Wastew­a­ter up­date

The coun­cil has voted in favour of pur­chas­ing a por­ta­ble sam­pler for sewer wa­ter to de­ter­mine how much waste is cur­rently run­ning through the out­falls into the ocean.

The fed­eral govern­ment put in new reg­u­la­tions that will see waste treat­ment fa­cil­i­ties built or up­graded in many towns and cities across the coun­try — some in 2020, oth­ers 2030 and the last in 2040.

Pub­lic works di­rec­tor Brian O’Grady was speak­ing with his coun­ter­part in Cor­ner Brook who has recorded suc­cess with the por­ta­ble de­vice, which Car­bon­ear plans to use on one main out­flow.

The govern­ment will then take the recorded re­sults from quar­terly test­ing to de­ter­mine the ur­gency of fund­ing and which mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties will be con­sid­ered pri­or­ity — the higher the sewage con­cen­tra­tion the quicker fund­ing will be avail­able.

The de­vice will cost some $12,000.

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