The fol­low­ing is a break­down of the mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties and can­di­dates in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der:

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Bay de Verde (no sep­a­rate mayor bal­lot):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil – Ross Blun­don, Harry Bowles, Ger­ard Brod­er­ick (in­cum­bent), Bradley Coish, Christopher Coish, Gor­don Coish (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Karl Coish, Cavell Curl, Juanita Em­ber­ley (in­cum­bent), Louis Keats (in­cum­bent), Ger­ard Mur­phy (in­cum­bent mayor), Car­rie Pot­ter (in­cum­bent), Dean Pot­ter and Jen­nie Riggs (in­cum­bent).

Bay Roberts

• May­oral can­di­dates – Ge­off Sey­mour and Phillip Wood (in­cum­bent);

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil – Hay­ward But­ler, Charlene Dawe-Roach, Ger­ald Fen­nemore, Dean Franey, Wade Oates (in­cum­bent), Bill Sey­mour (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Ge­orge Sim­mons, Wal­ter Yet­man (in­cum­bent) and Ge­orge War­ford.

Bishop’s Cove (ac­claimed):

• Mayor — Josiah Clarke (in­cum­bent coun­cil­lor);

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Deputy Mayor Gary Smith, Diane Jones, Lori Ann King (in­cum­bent mayor), Ken Smith (in­cum­bent), Ma­rina Smith (in­cum­bent) and Marion Smith.

Bri­gus (ac­claimed):

• Mayor —By­ron Rod­way;

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Greg His­cock, Shears Mercer Jr., Ralph Trick­ett (deputy mayor) and Lorne Youden.

Bryant’s Cove (no sep­a­rate mayor’s bal­lot):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Glo­ria Best, Mar­garet Crane (in­cum­bent), Dale Drover, Kim­berly Shep­pard (in­cum­bent mayor), Roland Stone, War­rick Stone (in­cum­bent) and Mavis Yet­man.


• May­oral can­di­dates — Ches Ash (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Des­mond Led­well and Sam Slade (in­cum­bent mayor);

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Bill Bow­man, De­bra Brad­bury, Kyle Brook­ings, Frank Butt, Ge­orge Butt Jr. (in­cum­bent), Mike Ge­orge Jr., Ed Goff (in­cum­bent), David Kennedy (in­cum­bent), Ray Noel (in­cum­bent), Chris­tine Power, Ger­ald (Gerry) Power, and Brenda Trick­ett.

Clarke’s Beach (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Roland An­drews (in­cum­bent), Gary Ben­dell (in­cum­bent), Crys­tal Brett, Danielle De­laney Bussey, Phillip Chay­tor, Tom Comp­ton, Frank Evely Sr., Philip Fowler, Nor­man Hill, Nor­man Hil­lier, Abram Hunt, Boyd Hur­ley, Kevin Hussey (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Ge­orge Janes, Kelly Ka­vanagh, Mark McDon­ald, Neil Mercer, Vin­cent Mesher, Betty Moore (in­cum­bent mayor), David Pen­ney, Dione Pen­ney, Mary E. Power, El­don Snow (in­cum­bent), Wayne Snow, Dean Spicer and Win­ston Vokey (in­cum­bent).

Cupids (ac­claimed):

• Mayor — Harold Ak­er­man (in­cum­bent deputy mayor);

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Dar­rin Ak­er­man, Chris­tine Burry (deputy mayor), Kevin Con­nolly (in­cum­bent), Doug Furey (in­cum­bent) and Thomas Power.

Hant’s Har­bour (ac­claimed):

Note: The Town of Hant’s Har­bour will de­cide a mayor and deputy mayor in Oc­to­ber.

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Terry Ash, Alan Ash, Rhoda Bai­ley, Don­ald Green (in­cum­bent mayor), Judy King, Holly Smith and Eric Tuck (in­cum­bent deputy mayor).

Har­bour Grace:

• May­oral can­di­dates — Terry Barnes (in­cum­bent deputy mayor) and Don Coombs (in­cum­bent mayor);

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Hay­ward Blake, Al­bert (Bud) Chafe (in­cum­bent), Ann Coombs, Mary Cor­nish-Hav­mand, Pa­trick Haire, Wen­dell Hunt Sr. (in­cum­bent), Paul Kennedy, Tony McCarthy, David Mur­phy (in­cum­bent), Joan Short (in­cum­bent), Mary Shute, Gor­don Stone, Kathy Tet­ford, Shawn Vaters and So­nia Wil­liams.

Heart’s Con­tent (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Art Cumby (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Fred Cumby (in­cum­bent), Car­son Evely, Brian Fitz­patrick, Glenda His­cock (in­cum­bent), Joe Masters, Mike Mid­delkoop, Doug Piercey, Tol­son Ren­dell (in­cum­bent) and Pa­tri­cia Smith (in­cum­bent).

Heart’s De­light-Is­ling­ton (coun­cil has been ac­claimed, elec­tion for mayor):

• May­oral can­di­dates — Stan­ley Reid (in­cum­bent deputy mayor) and Den­zil Shep­pard (in­cum­bent mayor);

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Clay­ton Bran­ton (in­cum­bent), Bev Bryant (in­cum­bent), Clarence Chislett, David Dowlow, Stan­ley Legge and Is­abel Soo­ley (in­cum­bent).

Heart’s De­sire (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Pa­trick Coombs (in­cum­bent mayor), James Jack­son, Mary (Jackie) Lahey, Shawn Lahey, El­iz­a­beth (Diane) Langer, Sonya Lee, Colleen Mur­phy (in­cum­bent), Pa­trick Mur­phy and Fran­cis St. Ge­orge (in­cum­bent).

New Per­li­can (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Robert Bown (in­cum­bent), Steve Fudge, Linda Gosling, Wil­liam Matthews (in­cum­bent), Marie McDon­ald (in­cum­bent), Linda Moyles (in­cum­bent mayor), Michael Ped­dle, Mar­garet Pen­ney (in­cum­bent), Greg Shyshko and Max War­ren (in­cum­bent).

North River (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — James Cum­mings, Ed­ward Daw­son, Rita Green­land, Blair Hur­ley (in­cum­bent mayor), Brian Hur­ley (in­cum­bent), Pa­trick MacKey, Elsie Mor­ris­sey (in­cum­bent), John Newell (in­cum­bent), Sheila Power (in­cum­bent) and Dwight Snow (in­cum­bent).

Old Per­li­can (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor);

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Her­bert Arnott (in­cum­bent), Christopher Blun­don, Bruce But­ton (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Kim Car­nell, Wil­liam Carl Hop­kins, Dana March, Clif­ford Mor­gan, Chad Payne and Cyril David Squires.

Salmon Cove (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

Can­di­dates for coun­cil — John Butron (in­cum­bent), Garry Butt (in­cum­bent), Dana Cole, Gor­don King, Edna Lam­bert (in­cum­bent), Shel­lie Mor­ris, Lisa Rodgers (in­cum­bent), Carol Rose (in­cum­bent

deputy mayor), Robin Slade and Janine White.

Small Point-Broad Cove-Black­head-Adam’s Cove (no sep­a­rate mayor’s bal­lot):

Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Wanda Crocker (in­cum­bent), Ann Marie De­laney, Earnest Gos­ney, Les­lie Gover (in­cum­bent mayor), Wil­liam O’Leary (in­cum­bent), Ge­orge McNeil (in­cum­bent) and Linda O’Leary (in­cum­bent).

South River (Ac­claimed):

• Mayor — Arthur Pet­ten;

• Ac­claimed coun­cil — Joyce Pet­ten, David McLean, Dar­rell Percy, Scott Rose (deputy mayor) and Bev­er­ley Wells.

Spa­niard’s Bay

• May­oral can­di­dates —Brenda Sey­mour (in­cum­bent coun­cil­lor) and Wayne J. Smith (in­cum­bent coun­cil­lor); Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Paul G. Brazil, Sheri Collins (in­cum­bent), Tony Do­minix (in­cum­bent), Eric Jewer (in­cum­bent), Su­san Marie Gosse, Tony Men­chions (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Gary Mercer, Lewis E. Shep­pard and Delores (Strick­land) Squires.

Up­per Is­land Cove:

• May­oral can­di­dates — Ge­orge Adams (in­cum­bent mayor) and Craig Mercer (in­cum­bent coun­cil­lor).

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Eve­lyn Adams (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Daniel Coombs, Cindy Dob­bin, Steven Gree­ley, Wal­ter Linthorne (in­cum­bent), Phillip Lun­dri­gan, John Lynch, Dar­ren Mercer, Kim Mercer (in­cum­bent) and Valen­tine ( Val) Slaney (in­cum­bent).


• May­oral can­di­dates — Robert Clarke (in­cum­bent coun­cil­lor) and Barry Doo­ley;

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Frankie An­tle, Jennifer (Har­ris) Baker (in­cum­bent), Dave Bourne, Glenn Clarke, Vi­vian His­cock (in­cum­bent), Kelly (Earle) Loch, Aubrey Rose (in­cum­bent), Jan­ice Slade, Ron­ald Slade, Sharon Snooks, Paul Snow and An­thony ( Tony) Sut­ton Jr.


• May­oral can­di­dates — Wil­liam Bar­ron Sr. and Hilda Whe­lan (in­cum­bent mayor);

• Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Brent Cole, Dou­glas Cor­co­ran, Terry Gil­lam Sr. (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Thomas Howe (in­cum­bent), Roger Mor­gan (in­cum­bent), Terry Rose (in­cum­bent) and Todd Sears.

White­way (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

Can­di­dates for coun­cil — Bar­bara Ge­orge, Jac­que­line Ge­orge, Der­rick Jack­son, Jo-Lynn Jack­son, Heather Jack­son, Ray­mond Legge, Corrinne Pol­lett and Craig Whe­lan (in­cum­bent mayor).

Win­ter­ton (no sep­a­rate bal­lot for mayor):

Coun­cil­lor — Linda Cole, Hilda Green (in­cum­bent), Roger Green, Abra­ham Harnum, James Harnum, Ron­ald Harnum, Ed­ward His­cock, Gary His­cock (in­cum­bent), Lori His­cock (in­cum­bent) Charles Reid, David Reid (in­cum­bent deputy mayor), Kim Reid and Mark Shep­pard (in­cum­bent mayor).

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