— Peter Doo­ley (left) and Tim Noel are next-door neigh­bours on Pike’s Lane in Car­bon­ear. Doo­ley has lived on the cor­ner of Pike’s Lane and Cross­roads for 44 years, and said he has tried to help the neigh­bours clear their drive­ways for most of them. Noel has only lived there a few years, but he also helps out the neigh­bours when he can. Doo­ley and Noel were just two of the Trin­ity-Con­cep­tion-Pla­cen­tia re­gion res­i­dents who were deal­ing with the first snow storm of the sea­son.

Res­i­dents in the Trin­ity-Con­cep­tion-Pla­cen­tia re­gion were given a stark re­minder that winter is here on Dec. 15. The re­gion was blasted with the first real storm of the sea­son, re­ceiv­ing be­tween 10 and 15 cen­time­tres of snow. It was a far cry from the 30 cm for­cast by weather agen­cies, but it was still enough to cause havoc. This meant res­i­dents were faced with the task of shov­el­ling, or snow­blow­ing, their way out of their drive­ways. As the snow turned to rain, things got com­pli­cated for those who chose to wait till morn­ing to start shov­el­ling. The wet snow made it harder to move. It was not just this por­tion of Avalon pen­nisula af­fected by the storm. In St. John’s, flights were can­celled, while ferry cross­ing were de­layed in Port aux Basques. Com­pass staff were out the morn­ing af­ter and cap­tured these im­ages.

Photo by Melissa Jenk­ins/Spe­cial to the Com­pass

Neigh­bours on Fraizes Av­enue in Car­bon­ear are close, and not just in prox­im­ity. Glen Mur­ray (right) and Clay­ton Tut­tle have plowed and shov­eled drive­ways of neigh­bours up and down the street, giv­ing them a help­ing hand. This is not the first time these two men have teamed up. In the sum­mer, they also help mow other peo­ple’s lawns.

Boyd Bad­cock (fore­ground) and Char­lie Gran­ter, both of Bay Roberts, share shov­el­ling du­ties the morn­ing af­ter the town was hit with a blast of winter on Dec. 15.

Tommy Daw­son shov­els a large piece of snow on Dec. 16.

Jeff Win­sor fin­ishes up his morn­ing snow clear­ing ef­fort with one last blow of his snow thrower in Bay Roberts.

Ken Tucker, who lives on Crowdy Street in Car­bon­ear, has dug him­self out of the same drive­way af­ter snow­storms since 1990. Un­like some house­holds who use snow­blow­ers and plows, Tucker uses a shovel.

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