Seal stunt was an in­sult to this prov­ince, says Port de Grave fish­er­man

The Compass - - OPINION - — Har­ris Porter is a fish­ing en­ter­prise owner. He writes from the com­mu­nity of Port de Grave

When will porn ac­tresses, car­toon pro­duc­ers, clothes de­sign­ers and their su­per­star hus­bands get it through their smoke-filled, hazy minds that they need to find other ways to get their ca­reers back on track and leave the seal hunt and the peo­ple of New­found and Labrador to live their own lives without hav­ing to lis­ten to the bull-crap from out­siders like Pamela An­der­son, Sam Si­mon, Paul McCart­ney and his su­per model ex-wife Heather Mills.

In 1977, Brid­get Bar­dot spoke out against the seal hunt, in 1978 it was Tanya tucker, 2006 it was Paul McCart­ney with wife No. 2 speak­ing through a haze to the me­dia while in Charlottetown, P. E. I., but ac­tu­ally think­ing they were in New­found­land and Labrador. If those mem­o­ries are for­got­ten I apol­o­gize for bring­ing them up. I also apol­o­gize to any­one who watched the Juno Awards of April 3, 2006 when the host seemed to have a seal part stuck in her mouth. Her joke about her friend “Seal” earned her plenty of boos and each of them well-earned.

Why don’t those multi-mil­lion­aires stick to what he or she does best, like play­ing mu­sic or tak­ing off their clothes and putting them­selves in the hands of porn su­per studs to be used and watched by mil­lions? They have no right to put our prov­ince’s name and our peo­ple on in­ter­na­tional me­dia to help build their bank ac­counts even a lit­tle bit big­ger than they al­ready are. The cheque of $1 mil­lion that was of­fered by Sam Si­mon and Bri­tish Columbia’s most fa­mous porn ac­tress on Dec. 17 was, I be­lieve, of­fered only as a way to in­sult proud New­found­lan­ders, and give our prov­ince a black eye that we don’t de­serve.

When will our lo­cal me­dia (CBC and NTV) get it in their heads that they don’t need to try to hurt our peo­ple to sell their sta­tion’s news? Who called your sta­tion to give you a heads-up that those peo­ple were go­ing to be at that spe­cific build­ing at that spe­cific time? How much would you have to be paid to ad­ver­tise for those rich id­iots?

Did Don Matthews, the se­nior vice-pres­i­dent of P.E.T.A., ex­pect a bet­ter re­cep­tion from our peo­ple when he came to de­stroy us? I’m just happy that we are a civ­i­lized peo­ple and only fought back with words. Some coun­tries in the world might have of­fered them some­thing dif­fer­ent.

I won­der is Sam Si­mon look­ing for more fod­der for the Simp­sons? Is Pamela An­der­son look­ing for new porn studs here in our prov­ince? What­ever their real rea­son for be­ing here, I would like to see them us­ing a one way ticket out of here un­less dear Pam is plan­ning on spend­ing Christ­mas on Bac­calieu Is­land with “Sammy the Seal” as was sug­gested to her in April, 2006.

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