Holly is more than a dog, says proud owner


There you lay, look­ing so con­tent and peace­ful on our love seat, look­ing out our plain glass win­dow. I of­ten won­der what could be go­ing through your mind. Your beau­ti­ful eyes sparkle as you gaze in amaze­ment at God’s beau­ti­ful scenic view.

You love the fresh out­doors and love to go for walks. You love to play tug-of-war with your teddy bear and you love to cud­dle on the chester­field. When one of us comes home you wag your tail and sniff us. If you could talk, you would say, “Mom, what are we hav­ing for lunch to­day?” You would prob­a­bly say, “A bowl full of spaghetti and home­made choco­late chip cook­ies,” be­cause that’s your favourite meal.

Even though you can­not speak, I know what you want. Ac­tions speak louder than words. You use your paw to scratch me when you want my gum, food or you want your ears or belly scratched.

You wag your silly tail when you get ex­cited and turn your head away when you are up­set and then you chew on your Santa hat, for it gives you com­fort.

You have such com­pas­sion for you knew when I was a lit­tle sad and you dashed across the room and licked my tears away. Also when our son was a baby and he would cry, you would run over to him and lick his face. I only wish you knew how much it meant to me.

You are not fond of the cold but in the win­ter­time you love to wrap up in your red fleece blan­ket and go for a ride on your wooden sleigh in the snow.

Faith brought you into our house and you helped make it a home.

Even though you came into our lives in the month of July, you were called “Holly” be­cause Christ­mas is a spe­cial time with so much love and you are loved so very much.

I be­lieve dogs are a lot smarter than peo­ple give them credit for. You go to the pantry and open the door with your paw and try to get your white mini marsh­mal­lows as a treat. When you are at my mom’s house, you open the cup­board door and try to take out your milk-bones.

Some peo­ple might say, “She’s just a dog.” You are much more than that. You are our baby girl, our guardian an­gel and you truly are a gift from God. You have brought so much joy and laugh­ter into our home.

Holly, there is some­one spe­cial in­side of you be­cause you love ev­ery­one just the way they are. We could all learn a very valu­able les­son from you, that is to love un­con­di­tion­ally for I be­lieve the most im­por­tant thing in life is that we take care of each other the way God meant for us to do.

Ev­ery­day and es­pe­cially at Christ­mas­time please be kind to all


liv­ing crea­tures big and small. God loves us all no mat­ter who we are. God cre­ated some­one very spe­cial when he cre­ated you.

Holly, we are truly blessed have you in our lives.

— Kim Whalen writes from Western Bay


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ITS SLEIGH WEATHER — The crisp, cool win­ter air could not de­ter this group from tak­ing ad­van­tage of the sun­shine on Dec. 31 in Whiteway. Clif­ford Ge­orge (left) took his niece Jus­tine Drover and a pal out for a sleigh ride with Clif­ford’s horse Misty with the sun shin­ning.

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