New Clarke’s Beach coun­cil re­ceives first broad­side

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If you want a great story, come to Clarke’s Beach and have a look at our roads.

Yes, it’s win­ter. We have had a lot of snow. That be­ing said, there was a time when we had lots of snow in the past, and dealt with it with only a sin­gle piece of equip­ment and a pickup with a guy with a shovel in the back giv­ing the sand and salt mix a fling as it went along.

To­day we have a new back­hoe, a dump truck with a sander and plough at­tached, and what have we got? A bed of ice on all our streets.

If a large ve­hi­cle such as a fire truck had to get in some roads they would be hard-pressed. No fire hy­drants are shov­elled out. Shame. I spoke to a coun­cil­lor. His main beef was that there was no com­mit­tee in place to look af­ter pub­lic works. I say to him, read the Act and get one in place.

There is more to it then turn­ing off the lights in the town hall. This is what you were elected to do.

If we don’t need com­mit­tees, then why elect seven coun­cil­lors. Maybe we could save a heap of dol­lars.

I don’t want to come down hard on any coun­cil. I’ve been there. It’s not easy in win­ter to keep ev­ery­thing per­fect. We don’t ex­pect that, but we do de­serve the best ef­fort our tax dol­lars can af­ford.

I know we can do bet­ter if things are man­aged bet­ter. We can have our cof­fers full but it’s of lit­tle com­fort to our tax­pay­ers that de­pend on the roads be­ing open and safe for peo­ple to walk or drive a ve­hi­cle.

Our win­ter main­te­nance pro­gram leaves a lot to pon­der. You can’t wait for the rain to start to open ditches.

— Frank Evely Sr. writes from Clarke’s Beach

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