Writer says leave Christ out of it

The Compass - - OPINION - Dear edi­tor, — Joy French Cole­man writes from Har­bour Grace.

I’m still in a state of shock and be­wil­der­ment as to why our news me­dia, i.e. NTV and CBC, would bleep out the F word, which they do, and not the mis­use of the name of Je­sus.

I’ve writ­ten the tele­vi­sion news me­dia re­gard­ing this. I’m sure you and the pub­lic know I’m re­fer­ring to the lat­est news item with the Hor­lick fam­ily of Shea Heights, St. John’s, which has now gone world­wide.

The F word was not used in this in­stance, but the Holy name of Je­sus was, and in a most rude and blas­phe­mous man­ner.

Then to add in­sult to in­jury the lady and her son in­ti­mated this is a com­mon New­found­land catch phrase. Laugh­ter en­sued.

I don’t know where she grew up, but this was never part of any New­found­lan­ders vo­cab­u­lary that I’ve ever known.

What a ter­ri­ble, neg­a­tive and de­plorable per­cep­tion to give the world of our fair prov­ince. A place I may add that has a Bi­ble, Matthew 6:33, on its coat of arms.

Come on fel­low Chris­tians, speak up.

If it’s of­fended one, it’s of­fended all, the body of Christ.

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