Warn­ing from writer to those seek­ing home­care

The Compass - - OPINION - — Wanda White writes from Broad Cove

This is a warn­ing to all who have cur­rently have, or may seek in the fu­ture, a home care worker.

Please fol­low these sug­ges­tions. They are writ­ten so you and or your fam­ily do not have to go through the agony we face cur­rently.

• Hire from a rep­utable firm those who have ver­i­fi­able ref­er­ences only.

• If pos­si­ble, have po­lice do a back­ground check on the person be­fore you hire them.

• Be sure what­ever bank ac­counts or other fi­nan­cial doc­u­ments, such as life in­sur­ance, are stored with a lawyer, pub­lic trus­tee or trusted fam­ily mem­ber and have a clause writ­ten up with a lawyer/trus­tee that you or a fam­ily mem­ber are to be no­ti­fied should any­one at­tempt to change/al­ter said doc­u­ments or at­tempt to use your bank ac­count.

• Keep a watch­ful eye on your loved one and should they be­gin to alien­ate them­selves from you, or ex­hibit strange be­hav­iours such as chang­ing phone num­bers of­ten, or get sick more of­ten, con­tact the po­lice.

• If they do any­thing that ap­pears to be out of char­ac­ter for them, check it out im­me­di­ately.

I won’t men­tion names, since I seek no ret­ri­bu­tion and only wish to warn oth­ers of dif­fi­cul­ties we now face.

We just buried a loved one who ar­rived at our home in unkempt con­di­tion, un­shaven, long hair. He had no money on him, no ID and the person who was ‘sup­pos­edly’ car­ing for him was out­side the coun­try on a trip and could not be reached.

He had been hos­pi­tal­ized ear­lier in the year when he al­most died and we, the next of kin, were not no­ti­fied.

Any at­tempt to reach him via tele­phone were met with “you got the wrong num­ber.”

His fi­nan­cial af­fairs were all changed and he was broke, de­spite sell­ing his prop­erty a year-and-a-half prior.

His worker closed his ac­counts and left us, a dis­abled cou­ple, hold­ing the bills for his funeral.

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