Bay Roberts mu­nic­i­pal build­ing haunted?

Sto­ries shared of ghostly pres­ence in struc­ture built on old ceme­tery


If you’ve ever been to the Bay Roberts mu­nic­i­pal build­ing at night, you may have ex­pe­ri­enced some­thing a lit­tle off.

Over the years, there have been nu­mer­ous re­ports of strange oc­cur- rences from em­ploy­ees, vis­i­tors and oth­ers.

It ap­pears the place could be haunted.

Th­ese oc­cur­rences have ranged from strange feel­ings and noises to a face ap­pear­ing in the win­dows of the up­per lev­els. It is be­cause of this that there are cur­rent coun­cil­lors who will not ven­ture into the build­ing alone at night be­cause of the re­ports.

The soul chill­ing ac­counts are com­mon­place since the town moved into the cable build­ing in 2000.

Old em­ploy­ees have re­ported see­ing shad­ows walk­ing down hall­ways and be­ing brushed against when no one was around.

Town staff has dubbed their guest the ‘Lady In White.’

Chris­tine Brad­bury is the town clerk.

She was work­ing late one night on one of the first Klondyke Con­certs, in an of­fice now oc­cu­pied by cur­rent recre­ation di­rec­tor Ian Flynn.

Sud­denly, a feel­ing came over her, kind of like she was be­ing watched.

“You know how you get that feel­ing like some­one is be­hind you?,” said Brad­bury.

She thought it might have been one of the sum­mer work­ers, so Brad­bury be­gan speak­ing to her.

Here’s the thing. There was no one there.

“When I turned around , I couldn’t see any­one,” said Brad­bury. “When I went through the build­ing, there was no one there at all.”

In the sum­mer of 2000, for­mer mayor Wil­bur Sparkes made his way into the build­ing late in the evening.

“I wanted to get some­thing in the main of­fice,” he said.

While there, he went into the kitchen lo­cated at the back of the build­ing to get a drink. The kitchen is one door up from Flynn’s of­fice.

“This feel­ing came over me,” said Sparkes. “Like there was some­one else in the room.

“The hairs stood up on the back of my neck.”

Be­fore the cable build­ing was con­structed, an old Ro­man Catholic ceme­tery was lo­cated on the prop­erty.

In or­der to make room for the build­ing, a num­ber of the graves were dug up and moved. While there are no of­fi­cial ex­pla­na­tions for the ex­pe­ri­ences, some be­lieve the spirit be­longs to one of those whose grave was moved.

Specif­i­cally, it’s be­lieved the spirit is that of a young woman.

“The legend is there was a war bride left be­hind. That is why she is wear­ing a white wed­ding dress,” said Brad­bury.

The epi­cen­tre

Any num­ber of ex­pe­ri­ences in­volv­ing dif­fer­ent peo­ple usu­ally has a common thread. It is a place where their in­ter­ac­tions with the sup­posed spirit have all oc­curred.

In this case, the lady in white is usu­ally in the back hall­way. This is where the kitchen, coun­cil cham­bers and of­fices are lo­cated

“That seems to be the epi­cen­tre,” said Brad­bury. “It all seems to hap­pen in the back hall­way.”

The mu­nic­i­pal of­fices are housed in the old Western Union Build­ing at the bot­tom of Cable Av­enue in Bay Roberts.

The build­ing is some 100 years old, hav­ing been built just prior to the start of the First World War.

While it has been ren­o­vated, the ar­chi­tec­ture still re­sem­bles the orig­i­nal de­sign from when the build­ing was orig­i­nally con­structed in 1912.

De­spite the fright­en­ing de­tails of su­per­nat­u­ral ac­counts stem­ming from the build­ing, staff take it all in stride.

Be­sides, ev­ery­one loves a good ghost story.

“We all make jokes about it,” said the town clerk.

Com­pass file photo

The Bay Roberts mu­nic­i­pal build­ing.

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