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Pre­mier Paul Davis should be very con­cerned with the dis­cov­ery by Tele­gram re­porter James McLeod (ku­dos to McLeod) on Jan. 21 that ex­posed the de­lib­er­ate at­tempt by PC back­benchers to ta­ble a pe­ti­tion in fa­vor of the Davis gov­ern­ment’s plan to re­duce the num­ber of seats in the House of As­sem­bly (a re­duc­tion now set at eight).

McLeod re­ported those pe­ti­tions bore very few signatures and many of them were the names of gov­ern­ment staffers.

Pam Framp­ton in her weekly col­umn Jan. 24, “Cloak-and-stag­ger,” summed it up per­fectly when she wrote, quote: “It’s disin­gen­u­ous, un­eth­i­cal and un­scrupu­lous. Most of all, it’s in­sult­ing to the peo­ple, who see right through the po­lit­i­cal du­plic­ity.” As for me, in­sulted? You bet I am Pre­mier. What re­ally sur­prises me is the fact that Davis, a re­tired po­lice of­fi­cer who has an im­pec­ca­ble record withe his many years of dis­tin­guished ser­vice with the Royal New­found­land Con­stab­u­lary and one who knows the dif­fer­ence, al­lowed (or turned a blind eye to) a fal­si­fied pe­ti­tion on a mat­ter of great im­por­tance to the prov­ince to be pre­sented in the House as gospel truth.

The House was barely open when we were quickly shown the State of the Union so to speak. It is in a sad state ac­cord­ing to pun­dits, po­lit­i­cal sci­en­tists and mem­bers of the press like McLeod and Framp­ton.

Nu­mer­i­cal val­ues were as­signed to a PC doc­u­ment (pe­ti­tion) that could not and can­not be jus­ti­fied.

My grand­mother West­cott used to say; “If you re­ally want to see what kind of per­son you are deal­ing with, stare into his/her eyes for a few min­utes with­out blink­ing.”

Metaphor­i­cally speak­ing, we have al­ready seen into the po­lit­i­cal eyes of Paul Davis and his self-serv­ing bunch of back­bench de­ceivers. There is no jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for this (de­spite claims that both par­ties have done sim­i­lar things in the past) as Davis is a man with a scrupu­lous record (ob­vi­ously as a po­lice­man yes, but as a politi­cian it ap­pears now a def­i­nite no).

More and more it looks l ike the distinc­tion be­tween knowl­edge and hon­est in­for­ma­tion is a thing of the past, and there is no greater dis­grace than to be a thing of the past.

My fa­vorite poet Wil­liam Blake wrote: “This life’s gray win­dows of the soul, dis­torts our heaven from pole to pole, and leads us to be­lieve a lie, when we see with and not thru the eye.”

No need to worry too much dear vot­ers of New­found­land and Labrador as the Pre­mier Paul Davis gov­ern­ment will soon be a thing of the past.

— Bill West­cott writes from Clarke’s Beach

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