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Quinn made a pointed threat to Brooke to stay away from Dea­con. Ivy ques­tioned Liam about his at­trac­tion to St­effy. Ridge and St­effy de­bated what to do about Rick. Wy­att grilled Dea­con about his as­so­ci­a­tion with Brooke. St­effy made clear to Ivy her ex­pec­ta­tion if she de­cided to go along with Liam’s plan to ac­quire For­rester. Maya ques­tioned Rick about the sin­cer­ity of his apolo­gies to oth­ers in the of­fice. St­effy pleaded with Liam to take her back, then paid a visit to Ridge. Quinn con­fessed to Wy­att about the run-in she had with Brooke, and he sug­gested she tell Dea­con about it be­fore Brooke does. Liam had dis­ap­point­ing news for Ivy. Quinn asked Dea­con to re­con­sider. Wy­att ques­tioned Brooke about Dea­con. Dea­con’s im­me­di­ate plans left Brooke in dis­be­lief. Ivy and Aly de­cided to stand up to Rick. Ni­cole ar­rived at the For­rester man­sion look­ing for Maya and a place to stay.


JJ and Eve’s af­fair was ex­posed. Paul grilled Sonny about his mar­riage to Will. Tori rec­og­nized some­one in Salem and pan­icked. Adri­enne and Lu­cas tried to clear the air about their kiss and wound up close again, forc­ing a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion. Sonny dropped a bomb­shell on Will. Eric made a sur­pris­ing ad­mis­sion to Ni­cole. JJ at­tempted to ex­plain his af­fair. Theresa was fu­ri­ous to learn of Me­lanie’s in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Serena de­cided to use Daniel to get what she wants. An un­ex­pected party gave Hope and Ai­den their stamp of ap­proval. Eve was forced into a dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion. Ni­cole urged Daniel to make a de­ci­sion about their fu­ture. Me­lanie bris­tled when Brady de­fended Theresa. Serena re­ceived an un­wel­come vis­i­tor. JJ re­al­ized all was not lost. Adri­enne overheard a huge se­cret. Jor­dan made a life-chang­ing de­ci­sion.


El­iz­a­beth opened up to Jake about her re­la­tion­ship with Ric. Sloane’s propo­si­tion for Jake came with a catch. Michael got grilled at Avery’s cus­tody hear­ing. Ju­lian crossed paths with a for­mer foe, who sug­gested they team up again. Ju­lian let Sonny know he was back in busi­ness. A new twist in the cus­tody hear­ing was re­vealed. At Ava’s wake, Niko­las re­vealed some­thing about Jake to Sam. Olivia opened up to Dante about her preg­nancy. Carly fig­ured out what Michael had set up. The rul­ing in Avery’s cus­tody case came down. Bob­bie and Scott re­vealed un­for­tu­nate news about Luke. Franco and Nina con­tin­ued their ploy but were in­ter­rupted by a vis­i­tor. Spinelli’s ac­tions floored Maxie. Carly im­plored Sonny to not take ex­treme mea­sures re­gard­ing Avery. Nathan was frank with Maxie about their re­la­tion­ship. Franco and Nina de­cided to col­lab­o­rate with an un­likely party. New in­for­ma­tion about Luke’s fam­ily may yield an­swers.


Sage warned Adam about be­ing care­less. Lily felt vin­di­cated for her dis­trust of Hi­lary. Neil told Cane he wasn’t in a for­giv­ing mood. Lily found Neil drink­ing at the GCAC and tried to stop him. Neil lashed out at Devon. Paul broke up a fight be­tween Phyl­lis and Christine. Phyl­lis paid a visit to Sum­mer, who was los­ing it. Nick told Avery about the state of his re­la­tion­ship with Sage, and she ad­vised him an in­volve­ment with a mar­ried woman wouldn’t help his cus­tody case. Vic­tor told Kelly that Jack was out to get her but he had a plan she could help with. Paul ques­tioned Kelly about the po­si­tion­ing. Dy­lan ar­rived at Sharon’s house and was sur­prised to see she had din­ner planned for the two of them.

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