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Maya and Ni­cole dis­cov­ered Liam eaves­drop­ping on them and he tried to feign ig­no­rance. Wy­att tried to find out what Ni­cole knew about Rick and Maya. Liam and Ivy grilled Rick on his fu­ture with Maya. Rick shame­lessly took credit for a re­cent suc­cess at For­rester. Ni­cole got a taste of the Spencer fam­ily life­style, un­aware of Wy­att’s ul­te­rior mo­tive. Liam and Ivy broke into Rick’s of­fice to find out what he was hid­ing. Carter made an­other at­tempt to con­vince Maya to come clean about her past with Rick. Liam re­minded Wy­att not to let his feel­ings for Ni­cole dis­tract him from their ob­jec­tive of oust­ing Rick from For­rester. Rick had a heart-to-heart with Eric and Brooke about his fu­ture. Wy­att in­vited Ni­cole out on the town in an at­tempt to find out what she was hid­ing. Brooke tried to be the voice of rea­son when Rick ex­pressed in­ter­est in mar­ry­ing Maya.


Kate paid a heavy price to get what she wanted. Adri­enne came clean to Sonny about her af­fair with Lu­cas. Abigail was up­set to learn Ben hadn’t been en­tirely forth­com­ing about his past. At Ste­fano’s sug­ges­tion, Chad made sure Will got a new writ­ing as­sign­ment fo­cus­ing on a prom­i­nent Salem res­i­dent. Kristen was stunned to come face to face with Brady. John’s at­tempt to make amends with Paul didn’t go as planned. Ben’s legal sit­u­a­tion had a sur­pris­ing res­o­lu­tion thanks to Clyde. Ai­den and Hope learned a hard les­son about be­ing an at­tor­ney and a de­tec­tive in love. Brady and Kristen en­gaged in a game of cat and mouse. Clint lured Theresa into a trap. Jen­nifer con­fronted Eve about her twisted feel­ings for JJ. Serena ran into prob­lems try­ing to re­trieve di­a­monds from Daniel’s apart­ment. Jen­nifer tried com­pas­sion in get­ting to the root of Eve’s prob­lems.


Niko­las was hor­ri­fied to learn Ja­son’s wed­ding ring was miss­ing. Carly sus­pected Ric was con­ning Jake. Lulu ques­tioned Maxie’s choice. Dante and Va­lerie bonded, mak­ing Lulu un­com­fort­able. Nathan ran into some­one. Carly be­came even more sus­pi­cious of Hay­den and she in­formed Jake that they have much to dis­cuss. Lucy sought per­form­ers for the Nurse’s Ball and had a sug­ges­tion for Nathan. Spinelli sought Sam’s help for his lat­est case. Jake was not amused that Spinelli was in­ves­ti­gat­ing Hay­den. Duke and Ju­lian planned their next hits. Jor­dan and Shawn shared their feel­ings, un­aware of the peril that lay ahead. Carly and Spinelli searched Hay­den’s room for more ev­i­dence. TJ shared un­set­tling news with Shawn, which Duke helped rec­tify. Jor­dan told Anna she wanted out of the un­der­cover as­sign­ment just as the mob wars heated up. Sonny and Michael had it out over Avery.


Sage though Nick wanted to take things slower now that Sharon was in trou­ble. Dy­lan re­solved to find out who was fram­ing Sharon. At Neil’s trial, Lily re­minded Neil that Devon’s tes­ti­mony could make a dif­fer­ence. Christine had harsh words for Nikki, who felt guilty when Les­lie grilled Christine on the stand. Devon was sus­pi­cious of Hi­lary’s be­hav­ior. Ash­ley and Billy made a shock­ing dis­cov­ery at Jabot. Ash­ley feared Jabot was ripe for takeover. Jack promised Phyl­lis he wouldn’t do any­thing to jeop­ar­dize their fu­ture. Vic­to­ria as­sured Vic­tor that he has her full sup­port. Glo­ria had words of wis­dom for Chelsea.

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