World trav­ellers re­turn home

New­found­land cou­ple re­turns home af­ter al­most a year abroad


A jour­ney that took Jess and Steven Trick­ett through 26 coun­tries in 279 days came to an end early last month and left the mar­ried cou­ple with the yearn­ing to do it again. Along they way they ex­pe­ri­enced the world and met plenty of like-minded peo­ple along the way.

The num­bers are in on the around-the-globe ex­cur­sion for New­found­land cou­ple Steven Trick­ett and Jess Fo­ley.

The glo­be­trot­ting pair set their feet on New­found­land soil for the first time in al­most a year when their plane landed on April 8.

“That doesn’t in­clude the count­less cabs, tuk tuks and sub­ways we took along the way,” said Jess.

They are im­pres­sive num­bers for sure. Break­ing it down, their stat line reads like the back of a base­ball card and elic­its images of a sil­ver Dou­glas DC-3 air­plane touch­ing down at var­i­ous points on a map of the world while ad­ven­tur­ous mu­sic plays in the back­ground.

“The num­ber of beds caught me off guard,” said Jess. “We were gone just over nine months. So that’s like 10 beds a month when you think about it. We were mov­ing ev­ery three days. When you see the num­bers it re­ally puts the whole trip in per­spec­tive.”

Com­ing to the re­al­iza­tion that the in­evitable re­turn to work is ap­proach­ing, the cou­ple have, once again, been taken by the travel bug.

Their re­turn to their home prov­ince was ex­cit­ing; they hadn’t laid eyes on fam­ily and friends for quite some time. There were tales to tell and din­ners to have as they re­counted their jour­neys.

“It was kind of like the hon­ey­moon phase when we first got back and now we have the travel itch again,” said Steven, who hails from Har­bour Grace. “You have to fight that with the fact we have to go back to work in a cou­ple of months.”

“If you were to give me a plane ticket to­day, I’d prob­a­bly hop on a plane and go wher­ever,” added Jess.

Travel blog blind dates

When they started their travel blog (www.fine­line­trav­, the pair started pick­ing up fol­low­ers as they wrote about their ex­pe­ri­ences in Africa, Hawaii, Thai­land, Malaysia and In­done­sia, just to name a few places. As de­tails of their ad­ven­tures hit cy­berspace, they re­ceived mes­sages from other like-minded trav­el­ling record keep­ers.

If they hap­pened to be in the same city at the same time, Steven and Jess would make plans to meet their coun­ter­parts. Dub­bing th­ese meet­ings ‘travel blog blind dates,’ they ei­ther met for din­ner or drinks in ex­otic lo­cales af­ter chat­ting on­line.

“We met a United King­dom cou­ple who were trav­el­ling in Viet­nam when we were there and we kind of fol­lowed each other’s blogs,” said Steven. “They were in Há» i An the same time as us, so we de­cided to meet for a drink one night. We went to a pub for trivia night and just chat­ted.”

“We did an­other travel blog­ger blind date on New Year’s with a cou­ple from the United States,” said Jess. “It’s re­ally cool shar­ing dif­fer­ent travel ex­pe­ri­ences and dif­fer­ent places

that they’ve been.”

A ran­dom en­counter

When trav­el­ling the world, you wouldn’t think you’d see the same per­son in dif­fer­ent coun­tries.

But, that is ex­actly what hap­pened to the cou­ple. They ran into a trav­eller in Bu­dapest, and then saw him again in Prague.

Fi­nally, when Jess and Steven made it to Hawaii, there he was again. This time he was with his fam­ily.

“We had din­ner with them and went to Pearl Har­bour to­gether,” said Steven. “Now, he is ac­tu­ally con­sid­er­ing com­ing to New­found­land to visit us.”

De­spite a trip that took them around the world to more than two-dozen coun­tries, Jess and Steven feel like they are only just be­gin­ning.

“We re­al­ized as we went along that there was so much more,” said Steven. “Our list kind of ex­panded. We ticked quite a few things off, but there are so many other things … there are so many places to see.”

For now, how­ever, it’ll be back to work for the both of them. At least un­til the next ex­cur­sion that is.

“I don’t think trav­el­ling will ever be out of the pic­ture re­gard­less of what our life­style is,” said Jess.

We re­al­ized as we went along that there was so much more. Our list kind of ex­panded.

Steven Trick­ett


The photo on the left shows Jess and Steven Trick­ett pre­par­ing to leave Canada for their ninemonth jour­ney around the world. The photo on the right was taken upon their ar­rival in St. John’s last month.

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