Deal­ing with change de­fines us

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They’ll al­ways tell you that some change is good. That change will keep you on your toes and add a spice of the in­ter­est­ing to your life.

What they don’t tell you is how change can turn your life up­side down and in­side out.

Some of us are not keen on change. We like our life as it is and aren’t re­ally pre­pared to deal with that first rip­ple in the pond.

To bor­row a say­ing from base­ball, we like to sit on the fast­ball and balk when life throws us the off-speed stuff.

It throws us off bal­ance and keeps us up at night. Other times we long for change but maybe aren’t pre­pared for when it comes.

Deal­ing with what life throws at us is a part of grow­ing as a per­son. If we’re done grow­ing, we’re do­ing it wrong.

In last week’s pa­per, we pro­filed the so­cial jus­tice com­mit­tee at As­cen­sion Col­le­giate in Bay Roberts and the work they’re do­ing amongst the school’s stu­dent body.

By all ac­counts their Pride week ac­tiv­i­ties were well re­ceived by the stu­dent body. They’re do­ing good work and they should keep it up. That’s some­thing that might not have hap­pened even five years ago. The group prob­a­bly would’ve been met with ques­tion­ing looks and up­turned noses.

Not this time, how­ever. There was a gen­eral ac­cep­tance of their ideas. It showed the stu­dents at As­cen­sion Col­le­giate, as it is with many high schools es­pe­cially in this re­gion, are chang­ing as life shifts.

If that didn’t hap­pen, they’d be left be­hind to their own de­vices and set adrift in an ever-shift­ing sea of change with­out a rud­der.

In a way, that stu­dent body’s re­ac­tion is a mi­cro­cosm for the world as a whole. It shows us what hap­pens when peo­ple move with change and the pos­i­tives that can come with it.

But its not just Pride and the ac­cep­tance of the LGBTQ com­mu­nity, and it never was. That group is about help­ing peo­ple who might ben­e­fit from a change in the world’s view­point. The no­tion of so­cial jus­tice might gen­er­ate images of tree hug­gers and the like.

That’s not the case at all. It is about en­act­ing change and help­ing those af­fected deal with it.

It is never go­ing to be easy. It will never be a walk in the park. It’s not meant to be.

As peo­ple like to say, we will never be given a chal­lenge that we can’t han­dle.

Change will keep us up at night, it’ll al­ter our ap­petites and put stress on our loved ones. That’s how its sup­posed to be.

That doesn’t mean we should duck and run from it. We face it head on.

It is how we deal with change that de­fines us.

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