Faith in­form­ing gov­er­nance not the way to go

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In Canada we have the right to re­li­gious free­dom and to wor­ship who we please, even if we be­lieve that the moon is made of blue cheese or that there is no God and we’re just an alien experiment.

How­ever, when you mix that re­li­gion with pol­i­tics and start mak­ing poli­cies based on your re­li­gious be­liefs, then it be­comes my busi­ness.

The Chris­tian Al­liance Church — Evan­gel­i­cal Chris­tians — be­lieve that the Earth is only 6,500 years old and all sci­en­tists are liars.

They be­lieve that with­out Is­rael there can be no Ar­maged­don and there­fore no Rap­ture. There­fore, Is­rael must be pro­tected at any cost. They do not sup­port abor­tion or ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity and be­lieve that those who aren’t born-again are lost.

Who is the most prom­i­nent mem­ber of the Chris­tian Al­liance Church in Cal­gary, Al­berta? Canada’s prime min­ster, Stephen Harper.

Does this help you to un­der­stand where a lot of the poli­cies that have been made in Canada stem from?

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