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THE BOLD AND THE BEAU­TI­FUL Ivy strug­gled through her first lin­gerie photo shoot, de­ter­mined not to show her dis­com­fort. Katie ques­tioned Ridge about sud­denly send­ing Thomas off to For­rester In­ter­na­tional. Liam tried to put an end to the St­effy/Ivy hos­til­i­ties. Car­o­line un­in­ten­tion­ally re­vealed her se­cret and Ridge asked for pri­vacy. Ivy and St­effy sat down to hash out their dif­fer­ences. Pam spilled the beans about Car­o­line’s preg­nancy to a con­fused Brooke. Liam told a shocked St­effy that she was again go­ing to be big sis­ter. Brooke con­fronted Ridge about the paternity of Car­o­line’s baby. Car­o­line be­came anx­ious when Pam told her that Brooke knows about her preg­nancy. St­effy was con­cerned about Thomas’ re­ac­tion to Car­o­line’s preg­nancy. Ridge and Car­o­line won­dered about Brooke’s mo­tives when she of­fered con­grat­u­la­tions and preg­nancy tips. Bill was less than thrilled by news of his niece’s preg­nancy. Zende dis­cussed with Carter the is­sue he and Ni­cole are hav­ing. Un­ex­pected news rocked Maya and Ni­cole’s worlds. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Salem mourned a beloved cit­i­zen at an emo­tional funeral. An­dre caused con­tro­versy when he fi­nally went pub­lic with his re­turn. Sami made a de­ci­sion about EJ’s let­ter. Steve ques­tioned Car­o­line about her vi­sions of Bo. Ben made a con­fes­sion that he’s the Neck­tie Killer. An­dre and Ste­fano put the pres­sure on Ai­dan. Rafe turned to an­other woman in an ef­fort to ig­nore his feel­ings for Hope. Lani ques­tioned Abe about his past. Steve en­coun­tered dan­ger in Mex­ico. Ail­ing Bo strug­gled to get back to his loved ones. Ai­den set his deadly plot in mo­tion. Daniel and Ni­cole had a ro­man­tic day. Rafe had shock­ing news for Gabi. Sonny left town again. Abi­gail vis­ited Chad in the hospi­tal, still con­flicted over his in­no­cence. Adri­enne ex­ploded at Justin when she felt he was try­ing to con­trol her life. Steve and Bo were re­united un­der less-than-ideal cir­cum­stances. Ed­uardo had good news for Ben, who found him­self in con­flict with Abi­gail. GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL Jake grilled Niko­las about what he knows about his past. Hay­den over­heard Niko­las dis­cussing his feel­ings for her with Spencer. Sab­rina and Michael grew closer. Ju­lian made a sus­pi­cious phone call. Kiki and Mor­gan had a tense mo­ment at the Haunted Star. Sonny over­heard up­set­ting news about his con­di­tion. Anna sought help for her anx­i­ety. Brad told Alexis about his le­gal woes. Ju­lian shared a big sur­prise with Alexis. Maxie came up with a plan to help Dil­lon’s movie. Dante re­vealed his and Lulu’s fam­ily plans to Olivia. Alexis had lifechang­ing news for Ju­lian. Kiki helped a be­wil­dered Nina pre­pare to host a fam­ily visit with Maxie and Nathan. Franco was thrown by Nathan’s com­ments re­gard­ing his in­ten­tions with Nina. Carly, Michael and Mor­gan of­fered sup­port to Sonny. Spinelli made an im­por­tant dis­cov­ery. Alexis ad­vised Ju­lian on how to han­dle Olivia. Lulu ob­served ten­sion be­tween Laura and Niko­las. Liz’s col­leagues threw her a bri­dal shower at the hospi­tal. Laura had con­cerns about Lit­tle Jake’s be­hav­ior. Michael sur­prised Sonny with good news. Anna made a star­tling dis­cov­ery. THE YOUNG AND THE REST­LESS Neil and Gwen im­plored Dr. Neville to help them with Hi­lary. Dr. An­der­son told Noah that Sharon doesn’t want any vis­i­tors. Lily thought her mar­riage was back on track un­til she made a shock­ing dis­cov­ery. Luca taunted Marisa with de­tails of her past. Noah tried to get Marisa to open up to him. Devon and Paul dis­cussed pos­si­ble mo­tives in Hi­lary’s kid­nap­ping. Vic­tor or­dered Adam to put a halt to the Paragon Project. Kevin told Lau­ren that Fen­more’s was the lat­est vic­tim of the Paragon Project. Adam forced Chelsea to re­veal her true feel­ings for him. Chris­tine warned Billy against tak­ing the law in his own hands. Sharon got up­set when Patty voiced con­cerns about her be­hav­ior.

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