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The Avant fam­ily re­union got off to a rocky start as Julius and Vivi­enne got up­dates on re­cent events in the lives of Ni­cole and Maya. Zende asked Carter for ad­vice re­gard­ing his re­la­tion­ship with Ni­cole and how to deal with her de­ci­sion. Thomas de­manded that Ridge tell him the real rea­son he was ban­ished to For­rester In­ter­na­tional. Bill strug­gled with the fact that Car­o­line was car­ry­ing the child of his sworn en­emy. Thomas was skep­ti­cal about Car­o­line’s ner­vous re­ply when he asked her about the paternity of her child. Brooke vowed to get to the root of ten­sions be­tween Thomas and Ridge. Ridge and Car­o­line tried to dis­tract Thomas from his in­ter­est in their se­cret.

Steve’s news about Hope’s up­com­ing wed­ding left Bo to­tally stunned, and Shaun ques­tioned Hope’s de­ci­sion to wed Ai­den. Kayla and Joey had an emo­tion­ally fraught con­fronta­tion over the lat­est stunt he pulled. Abe was star­tled by what he found on Lani’s com­puter. Steve and Bo des­per­ately tried to es­cape from a deadly sit­u­a­tion. Ai­den started to lose it un­der the strain of his or­ders to mur­der Hope, whose bach­e­lorette party erupted in chaos. Daniel wor­ried about Eric’s be­hav­ior. Bo tried to con­nect with Hope, to whom a drunken Adam made an alarm­ing con­fes­sion. Dur­ing a visit with the co­matose Chad, Eve vowed to avenge the death of her daugh­ter. Abi­gail was badly shaken by the in­ten­sity of Ben’s anger. Chad was ar­rested for the Neck­tie Mur­ders, and Hope pon­dered post­pon­ing her wed­ding. John was called away on an ISA mis­sion, up­set­ting Mar­lena.

Sam turned to a friend for le­gal ad­vice she hoped would help Spinelli and promised Jake she would help him un­cover his iden­tity. Carly and Sonny re­acted to Michael’s news, while Lulu and Dante pro­ceeded with their fam­ily plans. Sam had sec­ond thoughts about a choice she had made, and Niko­las up­braided her for pry­ing into his af­fairs. Hay­den scored an in­vi­ta­tion to Liz and Jake’s wed­ding. Olivia touched a nerve by heap­ing praise on a guilt-stricken Dante, who later clashed over Lulu with Dil­lon. Jake gave Spinelli some vi­tal in­for­ma­tion to re­veal his iden­tity, and Ric gave Sonny some un­wel­come le­gal ad­vice. Dil­lon came close to telling Lulu about Dante’s se­cret. Va­lerie and Lulu had a heartto-heart chat. Ava begged Kiki to help her win back Avery. Dante con­fessed his in­dis­cre­tion to Sonny. Paul of­fered Dil­lon some ad­vice about Lulu, who dis­cov­ered some re­veal­ing footage from Dil­lon’s movie. Ava had an emo­tional mo­ment with Paul.

Vic­to­ria and Billy vis­ited Delia’s tree at Chan­cel­lor Park and urged her spirit to rest in peace. Billy ad­mit­ted he still blamed him­self for Delia’s ac­ci­dent, and Vic­to­ria urged him to move on and not let this death de­stroy him. Vic­tor spent time with Con­nor and told him how much Adam loved him. Cane and Devon clashed vi­o­lently over Lily’s dis­ap­pear­ance un­til Joe in­ter­vened and broke up the fight. Lily later thanked Joe for his help but said sleep­ing with him was a big mis­take. An im­pa­tient Neil de­manded that Dr. Neville tell him when Hi­lary would wake up, but Dr. Neville was eva­sive, say­ing only that he was mak­ing progress with her. Billy re­vealed to them that the Paragon Project was at­tack­ing Jabot, and Jack and Vic­tor later pressed Kevin to re­veal who was be­hind those at­tacks. Nikki and Phyl­lis worked to­gether to plan a Hal­loween gala on be­half of the Delia Project.

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